Training Evaluation

So today was my free “evaluation session” with a trainer at NYSC. We’d talked on Sunday and it seemed like it would go well.

It did. 🙂 Well, pretty much.

What we learned…

1) My blood pressure was up a little, even with meds. So I have to keep an eye on it. Apparently it is possible to have “white coat reaction” even in a trainer’s office. LOL. Hey, he’s the one who said it.

2) In spite of years of dance, my balance is a little off. But we can work on that.

3) Squats, when really done correctly, make you feel like you’re going to fall right on your butt.

4) I *can* do real (as in not on my knees) push-ups. OK, only 6 of them, but still! And I need to work on not dipping my head, and getting lower, but overall I managed 6!

5) I can do 2 sets of 6 reps each of assisted pull-ups!! It was rough – I wanted to quit the first time at 5, but he made me push for one more and I did it. Then rested a minute and did 6 more – again, the last one was rough, but I did it.

6) My form on elbow planks is pretty close to perfect. I just need to work on endurance for the most part.

So basically we’re going to work on balance and stabilization, work on upper body stuff, and with cardio work on some lateral stuff as opposed to the same things I train when running. I also asked him about the rowing machine, and he said for sure we could incorporate it into things. Yay!!

I opted for the 1 session/month for 6 months contract – so we’ll have one session a month together and I’ll have homework in between. I’m excited!!

I also plan on trying spinning. That may happen Sunday or it may not…we’ll see what I end up doing after yoga tomorrow morning at JackRabbit. There’s an NYSC like almost right next door and with my membership I can go there to get my run in, so… We’ll see. 🙂

And in other news…

I went to the Front Runners board meeting this week. It was cool to see a little more of the inner workings of the club and to hear where some opportunities exist to get more involved. That’s a goal for this year – to get more involved with things. I’ve already gotten Pride Weekend off, so I need to contact those guys to see how I can help. And I’m going to do something at the track meet in March. So that’s a start anyway.

And then today just to see (and since I got the InstaCollage app on my phone) I’d do a side-by-side comparison with sort of my ultimate “Before” pic and today. Disclaimer: I’m really not sure how high my weight got. The highest number I remember seeing on the scale was 233…but I could have been heavier than that in the Before pic.

If that isn’t incentive to keep going with what I’m doing and kick it up a notch, I’m not sure what is.

So… Overall it’s been a good day and I’m ready to go! 🙂


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