Getting going again!

After pretty much a week off from running (still did walking around and some extra walking), I’ve gotten back into it with two runs in a row at the gym.

Yesterday was 4.4 miles – the plan for the weekend run was 4, so add in warm-up and cool-down and there you have it. Today was 3.94 miles in my own version of a pyramid run – 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, 5.0 and it was good. They both felt good which was a really nice feeling. Hooray!!

Yesterday as I was leaving, I asked about the personal training programs. I want to expand my horizons, and I especially want to work on toning up the upper body. It’s funny, on Saturday at running club, Blossom and I were talking – she ran a cold, wet, windy Houston the same day I ran the sweltering Disney – and both of us were saying how we generally like the lower portion of the body thanks to running, but the top half could use some work. As it turns out, there was a trainer there, so I was able to talk with him. He asked if there was someone I was interested in working with anyone in particular, but I really don’t know any of them. So I might as well start with him. Worst-case we don’t click and I change to work with someone else, right? Right. So… Friday I’ll go in and do my complimentary evaluation/session so he can get a feel for where I am, see if we need to work on any weaknesses, and get a plan set up to address those and work on toning and firming the upper body. Whee!! I’m excited to get started!!

In food stuff, I’m continuing to expand things. I found a recipe for “banana bread quinoa” that you make in the crock pot. It’s more of a pudding-like thing, but it tastes like banana bread. I used red quinoa – it’s what they had at Food Emporium the other night, and the bananas really couldn’t wait much longer – and I realized after the fact that I only put in half the brown sugar (totally my fault because I was doubling the recipe and I forgot that I lost all my 1 TBSP measuring spoons, so I have to use my 1/2 TBSP spoon and I only put 6 spoons in rather than the 12 I should have for a doubled recipe), but it’s good. 🙂 And then my newest obsession are these fruit cups that Dole makes that have an oat topping you can pour on – I’ve only had the apple, but they are YUMMY!! Especially when you heat them up before putting on the topping. Totally obsessed!!

So things are all falling into place I think! Hooray!!


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