Starting over…

Relax. This isn’t what you’re thinking it is! 🙂

Today was a day of new starts and fresh beginnings for me – and my running club, I hope!

I started the day heading to the Cobble Hill branch of New York Sports Club for a 6-mile treadmill run and getting my picture taken and my key tag card so I’m all 100% official. I had a good run and was able to keep a pace that if I can manage to maintain it (and I don’t want to stop too many times or have to wait in lines that are too long when I do stop for pics (Grave Diggers are a definite must!)) will definitely net me a sub-6 run.

Of course, the temperatures are looking to be pretty warm if the forecasts hold, so… We’ll see.

After that, I went up to Rutgers for the Front Runners club meeting. I haven’t been able to go for a while between training and working. And events of the past couple of months had me seriously considering if I wanted to renew my membership. (I don’t want to go into details, but basically there were irregularities and suspicious things surrounding the election resulting in that election being voided and a call for new candidates going out. As it turns out, we ended up with EIGHTEEN people running for various positions and all of them are contested. So today was another Meet the Candidates session.

I’ve had my issues with the club before – see this entry from June for the latest – but I also have people I consider friends in the club. And I have people who believe in me and my running and who encourage me in the club. And I do feel like with what feels like a new beginning and time of healing for the club it’s a good time for me to really make more of an effort and find my place there. So I felt it was really important for me to be there. Based on the published statements, I had some ideas of who I was going to vote for. A couple of those remained the same. A couple of those had people added to my “strongly considering” list. And a couple I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking about before I vote. That said, I feel like the club will be in good hands regardless of who is on the leadership team. There was an atmosphere of hope and looking ahead and moving on today.

And it felt good to be back. I know at this point I’m not going to be able to make it to every fun run (Wednesday night or Saturday morning), but when it’s time to change my availability at work, I can make arrangements to be more available. I’ve already talked with a couple of people about things to be involved, so we’ll go from there.

So fresh starts… Tis the season obviously, but these feel good and right and like they’ll last. SweatyBand-gate is behind me. The election problems are behind Front Runners. It’s time to move forward and do the work that needs to be done!

Happy new year! 🙂


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