2012 in review! And let’s dive into 2013!!

Ok, NOW I can do my year in review post!

Total Miles: 819.43

Put graphically, the circle has a radius of 819.43 miles from Brooklyn. 🙂

Races completed:
5K – 3
5M – 1
10K – 2
10M – 2
Marathon – 2

So I took it a lot easier on the number of races in 2012, and I plan to take it easy on the number of races in 2013 as well. But that didn’t mean I didn’t push in those races. I’ve covered all of them except the one last night.

Brooklyn’s NYE 5K.
This was a small, fun-run race put on by the Brooklyn Road Runners. There were less than 1000 people taking part, and there was a clock at the start/finish line, but no chips or anything. It started at 11:15. Of course, I got to the park WAY early, but it wasn’t too horrendously cold (just a lot cold). Around 10:45 I met up with a fellow ROTE-ear, Francis, and we chatted for a while until it started. As is wont to happen with fun runs, there were several families with small kids, not all of whom get race etiquette and are prone to running ahead and stopping suddenly. I almost fell over one father trying to keep up with his sprinting and stopping kids who elected to stop right in front of me (the mom did fuss at him saying “You can’t do that! You need to keep going or at least make sure no one is behind you!” so it wasn’t awful), but even as annoying as the sprint and stop thing is, it was great to see the kids out there being active!

The course itself was a lollipop course (in spite of being described as “out and back” – though from my recollection of the map it was intended to be an out and back, but all the leaders went down the middle road and looped…the distance ended up being the same though, so NABD), and rather than having to face The Beast, we had to face the Mother of the Beast. In the last mile. Oh joy! BUT I did every single run segment, even when I wanted to drop to a walk during the one climbing. I pushed through and made it! And my last sprint was probably the best strides I’ve ever done. I felt comfortable and like I was flying! The time when I stopped my Garmin was 36:14. I know that I was actually slightly quicker because I started my watch pretty much when I started moving as I hadn’t seen the start clock, but I’m not going to try and remember what time the clock read when I passed it. 36:14 is good enough for me, especially considering my personal victories in other aspects of the race.

It was a great way to start off the year!! (Though…I’m sorry Brooklyn. Your fireworks were SEVERELY lacking. Of course, to be fair, after Walt Disney World, all other fireworks are severely lacking.)

And just to prove I’m not ALL about running…

2012 in Books

I finished 27 books in 2012. 6 non-fiction, 21 non-fiction.
Favorite non-fiction: In A Single Bound by Sarah Reinertsen
Favorite fiction: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn with several others in very close Honorable Mentions.

I have started Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, but I’m only on page 144 out of over 1000 pages, so I’m in no way going to count it in 2012. LOL.


Hello 2013!!

I already went over my goals for the year. I’ve go a brand new training journal all ready to go. I’ve got my training mapped out on my calendar and hanging on my wall. I am ready to go!!

2013 starting weight (using Thursday’s weigh-in): 164.8

Goals in plan. Training journal. Weight Watchers.

I am fired up and ready to go.

Let’s do this thing!!


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