OK, its the season for reflecting and setting goals.

I’ll start with reflecting…

I will start this off with my YES I DID to avoid the “OMG what are you talking about???” backlash I set off on facebook when I posted something about goals…

Yes, this is huge, and I realize that! It is not a minor thing at all! 🙂

Other goals…
* Get to a healthy BMI – and preferably 140 pounds, which is in the middle of my healthy BMI range.
Well, I’m not quite there yet. But I’m getting there. I made the decision in the fall to join Weight Watchers online, and it’s working well. As of my last weigh-in (last Thursday), I was down to 165.4 – less than a pound from my 5% mark – which put me at a BMI of 26.7. So I’m only 1.8 away from hitting the “healthy” range. This one’s in sight and will be continued for 2013.

* Be more socially active
Well…basically a fail here. I did go to a dating event and had a couple of dates, but they didn’t seem to go anywhere. Training and both jobs kept me pretty busy and not able to be as active as I wanted to be in social causes. Again, continuing this goal for next year but with the title “Branch Out”.

* Finish a novel or play I’ve started.
And we have another fail. I just haven’t made the time to do any writing. I need to work on that more this year as I know I’ve got some good ideas. I’m also toying with the idea of working on a memoir – possibly with my dad’s (or mom and dad’s) input…we’ll see. Another continuance.

So… For 2012 I really only accomplished one goal. The marathon! Not a minor thing at all! But I definitely hope that 2013 will be better.

So… My goals for 2013…

* Break 6 hours for a marathon!
My half times say I should be able to do it. My training is the most consistent it has ever been (huge milestone coming up, but it’s going to be its own post when it happens!!), and I’m set up to continue it into 2013. I want to have fun at Disney, so I’m not sure I’ll be shooting for the sub-6 there, but it makes Hartford in October my A race for sure with the overall goal of 5:59:59!!

* Healthy BMI (or down to 140 pounds)
Well on my way there. I just need to keep up what I’m doing with WW and my workouts. Consistency of training will help with this also!

* Branch out
Find a cause or organization I want to work with and just do it. Try new things. Don’t let fear get in my way.

* Finish a book or play.
Set aside time to write – if not each day then at least 3 times per week. And also just work on writing by being more consistent with my blogging.

So there they are. In black and white. My goals for 2013. In another post I’ll go over my planned races for 2013. But I wanted this one to be about my overall goals.

How about you? What are your goals for the new year? What steps are you going to take to reach them?


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