Christmas, Christmastime is here…

(I know! Two posts in one day!! AMAZING! LOL.)

I hope that all of you who celebrate have had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and laughter – or whatever makes you happy! (And if you don’t celebrate, I hope that you’ve had a great day too! And had or have a great whatever you celebrate (since Hanukkah is over and Kwanzaa hasn’t begin yet)!)

This year was a little rough for me. I have a part-time job in retail, and as such we’re not allowed to request days off during November and December. Nevertheless, I knew that last year we had closed early on Christmas Eve (if I remember right, I hadn’t been scheduled due to my availability (which they don’t change for just a week) but switched with someone) and were closed on Christmas Day. So I started dreaming about being able to go home. I checked flight prices, and they were a little expensive, but not horrible. Then we had been told in early November that we would be closed on Christmas and would be closing at either 6 or 7 on Christmas Eve and that people would be scheduled for two hours past that time. Now, if they’d told us 6pm earlier, I could have gone ahead and booked a flight home on Christmas Eve morning and back on the morning of the 26th. But because they didn’t tell us, I had to wait until the schedule came out. By which point flights home were in the $700-$1000 range, and that’s just not worth it for 48 hours. And seeing that I was scheduled off and knowing the ridiculous prices was heartbreaking. I wanted so badly to be able to go home, and in my head I was already there.

I’d gotten better about it, about not being able to go home. And then Sunday night happened. A co-worker was talking about how she was closing (getting out at 1), then going home to pack and get a cab to the airport to fly home. And another co-worker asked me if I was definitely not going to be able to go home. And then darn it all if “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” didn’t cycle around on our store music. And I all but lost it.

So…if you read my earlier entry today you know that I channeled that into doing my 20 mile run yesterday. I’ve also done a lot of crock-pot cooking. My fridge and freezer are stuffed!

And it’s been a pretty good day overall. (Well, I started with giving the leftover half of my Holiday Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich to a homeless guy in front of the church that’s kind of across from where we exit the store on my way out. He was very appreciative and started eating it right then, so I know he wanted/needed it.) I talked with my sister, and then I talked with my parents. I decided to go for a walk this afternoon, which was nice. (Other than my area Starbucks of choice deciding to close an hour early and being surprised when about 10 of us walked in before they locked the doors – they seemed totally clueless as to why we would think they were open at 1:30 when their sign said open until 2:30. Thankfully my second Starbucks of choice, a couple of blocks away, was still honoring their sign and was open. So it turned out ok.)

I treated myself to a few things this year:

New Saucony Guides (which I LOVE), a new training journal from Believe I Am, my picture and medal plaque to commemorate my first marathon, and the entire series of The L Word on dvd (obviously the scripted series and not the ridiculous “reality” version). I’ve been watching the latter pretty much all day. πŸ™‚

I also organized two different Secret Santa exchanges. One was for Running of the Ears (ROTE)

Love the sweaty band! And the book is good! And I haven’t had the chocolate yet, but it looks DELICIOUS!!

and one for Team Tough Chik

I love my TTC hoodie!!!!

It was fun setting the exchanges up and seeing people report in on their presents! πŸ™‚

I hope that all your wishes come true this holiday season!!


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