Yes, I’m still here and training!

Between teaching and working at the store and training, I’ve not really had time to sit and write a proper entry, but know that I am training still.

Actually I’m doing some of my most consistent training that I’ve ever done – especially at this point in the training schedule. Yes I’m having to move some things around, but every workout on the schedule is getting done, so that’s a plus! šŸ™‚

This past weekend was my 18-miler. It went ok, but not as spectacularly as it has in my last two training cycles. I ended up getting through it by bribing myself with “Keep going. There will be pancakes at the end.” and promptly going to a diner and getting pancakes and bacon. (I knew there’s a reason I run with my check card!)

I’ve got a nice list of things to blog about, and I plan to do a lot of catching up during the week between Christmas and New Year’s if not before.

In the meantime… How’s your training going? šŸ™‚


One thought on “Yes, I’m still here and training!

  1. Here’s to hoping we both make it to the start of the Disney Marathon intact. It’s been on my bucket list for over four years now, so I’m really excited. Instead of running a 20-miler, I’m doing a marathon 4 weeks out — they’re much more fun than long runs!

    Good luck šŸ™‚

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