Finally a good run again!!

So I’ve had to switch the training schedule (for the week only) around a bit thanks to work hours and just being tired. As long as the miles get done, right?

This morning I set out for my 8 mile run after a breakfast of a Luna protein bar and RedBull light. Decided to go along the Hudson on this nice foggy morning. And so selected a novelization of The Scottish Play for my listening. It was actually a really good match.

And the run went fantastically. Like, I kept trying to slow myself down, but that never happened. Actually the opposite – it seemed like the more I tried to slow down, the more I sped up.

8 miles went by like it was nothing!!

And while part of me wishes all my runs could be like that, I know that the tough ones are really the ones the stretch me and help me to grow. And the nice, easy-feeling ones like this are the icing.


2 thoughts on “Finally a good run again!!

  1. Hello, Beth! 🙂 It’s Melalucci from LiveJournal. I hadn’t heard from you in a long time, so I thought I’d come and look at your other blogs. I was only able to find this one. It’s amazing how far you’ve come in your running! Congratulations!

    Do you still have a teaching blog? I’d love to read that one.

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