Trotting for Turkey…

Please excuse the belated race report here, but better late than never, right?

Ever since I started running, I’ve taken part in the Prospect Park Track Club 5 Mile Turkey Trot. In Prospect Park (duh!). 🙂

It’s a fun, cute little race – Santa is usually there cheering us on, they have hot cocoa after, and they have bling!

So obviously I signed up!

Thursday morning I got up and dressed, then walked directly to the shuttle that would take me near the area I needed to be to start in the park. Got off the shuttle and was temporarily confused, but soon found my way to the Oriental Pavilion. It was a pretty chilly morning, so I kept my hoodie on until I needed to get ready to head to the start. A couple of FRNY friends were there, which was cool as well.

I headed to the start feeling pretty confident thanks to my run there on on Tuesday following pretty much the route of the race give or take a little. That had gone well, so I had no reason to believe that this wouldn’t.

I didn’t go in with any kind of time goal, and basically just wanted to have fun. I was going to use 5/1 intervals, and I decided that since this was going to be for fun, I’d listen to music. So I pulled up one of my Rock My Run mixes and was all set.

I started off at a comfortable, but quick pace and was very pleased to find that the run intervals were going by quickly rather than feeling like they were going on forever. The music? Perhaps. But I was definitely taking it.

The challenge came when I hit what I know is the bottom of The Beast. And I was beeping into a run interval. In my training I’ve run portions of it – both to finish out a run interval and to start a run interval, but I’ve also had a walk interval on it. Somewhere in my head I knew that distance-wise I should be able to do it in one solid run interval, but I’ve never had the chance to try it before.


I employed my “pull down the visor and go” technique – that’s where I pull the visor so that I can see about 6-10 feet in front of me unless I really lift up my head to purposely look ahead. As it is, I can see a bit in front to make sure I’m not going to crash into anyone, but not all the way to the top of the hill. I try to block out the peripheral things that I know mark the hill – like the historical marker on a bolder, the path to the side, etc.

And I did it!!

Ran all 5 minutes of that segment and ran up that damn hill!!

At that point, I thought briefly of time, but decided that regardless of my time, I had a victory that no one could take away from me in doing that.

But I kept pushing on and am proud to say I didn’t walk in ANY of my run intervals in the race!!

When the garmin beeped me into the walk segment at 53 minutes in and I was within the 4 mile marker, I knew a PR was possible, but I’d have to push and focus. I honestly thought my PR was a minute slower than it actually was, so I easily could have not made it.

But I did!

Time? 55:50!! A PR by 1:07!!!

So, so proud of myself!!

And this year the bling is adorable!! And not the usual sticker-covered bling that is fantastic anyway, but…



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