Ok…so I’ll give them one more shot.

Competitor and Rock’n’Roll that is.

I’m sure we all remember my experience with the inaugural Rock’n’Roll New York 10K. (And yes, it’s ironic to see me including NYRR in my examples of good stuff…) Long story short, it wasn’t pretty.

And then I don’t even need to link to my take on Vegas last year. I didn’t run it, I was just commenting on what I understood from friends who did. And then from listening to an interview with the head of Competitor who basically blamed everyone but Competitor for the mistakes. (In a more recent interview, he did take some responsibility, but the damage in my mind was done.)

And yet…

I’m signed up to run the Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN in April.

I’m actually pretty excited about it. I grew up for about half of my childhood in Nashville, and my parents are back in the area so I have a place to stay and can see family!! And I’ve heard good things about it – that it’s one of the most consistently good races that they run. So I’m hopeful.

I debated whether I wanted to do the full or the half and thought about signing up for the full but dropping to the half just in case, but ultimately I decided that the half is plenty – it will be enough to go straight into a half training plan after Disney, and I really wasn’t looking forward to the possibility of a third marathon plan in a row. So the half it shall be! And I’ve decided it shall be my (most likely) first dedicated Tough Chik race! Whee!!

But first…Disney and Mickey 20!!

Training continues to go well. Today’s run was actually really good. Fridays are shorter runs – 30 minutes at a 4/1 ratio. I unintentionally did a negative split with it, consistently getting faster with each run interval save for the first two which flip flopped. But it felt good and effortless. Tomorrow is 7 miles. Cutback weeks are nice!

Happy running!!


One thought on “Ok…so I’ll give them one more shot.

  1. Good luck!! I ran RNR San Diego for my first full, and it was well run I think, but a boring course. We didn’t do bag check though.

    I hope it is a good experience for you!

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