Funny how you forget…

About just how bad some things are.

In some cases – half marathons, marathons… – it’s kind of understandable. Yeah, things might suck while you’re doing it, but pretty soon, that feeling of accomplishment and knowing you did it – and subsequently feeling strong just for getting it done – kick in and you start thinking about another one.

And then there are hills in parks that you don’t go to often.

Such was the case today. I went out for my run and decided to do some road running rather than a) run around and around the park close to me (I’ll have to do that Wednesday), b) take the subway to and from Prospect Park (wouldn’t have been worth running there for a midweek run), or c) go to the gym. So I headed down the road a block away where there’s a bike lane I can run in rather than going up and down on the sidewalks. And as I ran, I saw Ft. Greene Park coming up and decided to do a few laps of that (since I was on a 5/1 x 9 run today I wasn’t concerned with mileage but with filling up those intervals). I’ve run it a couple of times a while ago, but I’d forgotten one little thing…

There is a KILLER hill in there. As in worse than anything at Prospect Park or Central Park.

I managed two laps, then decided to run back towards home and just trot around “my” park to finish it out. As it turns out I didn’t even need to get a lap in there, so BONUS!

In non-running stuff…

We had our store holiday meeting yesterday and found out some cool things that will be available. That’s exciting.

Based on my availability, I got all excited because I’d actually be able to fly home Christmas Eve morning and back the morning of the 26th! But then I checked flight prices only to find out they’d doubled since I looked last week. 😦 So it looks like I’m stuck here when all I want to do is go home. 😦 😦

Oh well… I guess that will mean no excuse to not train.


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