Some days you just aren’t feeling it…

…but when you’re training for a marathon, you do it anyway.

Today was one of those days.

I had a call-in shift at 12:45 – meaning I had to call by 9:45…meaning I had to have 14 miles in BEFORE that. Because tomorrow isn’t an option because of the store holiday meeting and then a couple of hours later a shift. And for me at LSR pace, 14 miles is a little over 3 hours. So…

The alarm went off at 4 (and then 4:15 and then 4:30…just to be safe). I woke up…and was not feeling run. But I knew what needed to be done, and so…

Red Bull and a Zone Perfect bar in me, I got dressed and headed out. (For future reference, I do better with Luna Protein bars than Zone Perfect bars before run.) The G train is up and running, but as far as I know, it’s running with “considerable delays” and I didn’t want to take a chance, so I hit GoogleMaps and looked up how I could get to Prospect Park using the streets. Turns out it’s a lot easier than I thought – I only got confused at the entrance to the park.

Ran to the park and did a couple of laps around, cutting through the park at one point to add some mileage so that I would finish up with 14 around where I wanted as I was going get Starbucks and try to catch the G home, knowing that worst-case I could jump on an F to Jay Street and walk home from there. Ended up doing some running through the neighborhood just off the park to finish out the mileage, and that was ok.

I was honestly shocked at the number of trees that were down. I knew the parks suffered tree loss, but it was crazy. And almost all the way around there were brigades of trucks to remove them. And then in the neighborhood, there were more trees down – like trees big enough that they’d torn up the sidewalk. 😦

The run got done – all 14 miles of it. So they’re banked. Not every run is going to be easy, breezy. Today was definitely not one of them.

But I did it anyway.


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