Oh Sandy… (pretty much non-running-related)

If you regularly read this blog, you probably know that I’m in New York. City.

And unless you’re living under a rock, you know that we’re in the region getting slammed with Post-Tropical Storm Sandy (the last official name I heard for her).

I’m fine. I am in inland Brooklyn and right now I’ve still got water, electricity, cable, cell phone and internet. I also have building-mates who are seemingly incapable of closing the door tight enough that it stays closed. (Around 10, a lady who had walked by earlier came in and knocked on my door to let me know the outer door (and the inner one, though that’s not unusual) had been open for an hour. Which would explain why the heat had inexplicably come on.) So if I hear someone come in or go out, I am poking my head out to ensure that they are both shut.

But I am safe.

One advantage to being a runner is that I do have a stockpile of things I can subsist on for a few days if necessary – bars, gels, chomps… It wouldn’t be ideal, but it would work.

I have to admit, I did seriously contemplate going out for my run this morning when it really wasn’t bad. But I know how many trees are in the park close to my place where I’d be running, and I didn’t want to take the chance.

BUT I didn’t want to do nothing, so I did a workout DVD. Women’s Health Total Body Workout. Today I did the whole thing. It’s nowhere near as intense as Bob’s or Jillian’s workouts, but I still feel like I got a good workout in. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I’m weirdly fascinated by the wind outside and am seriously contemplating sleeping in my living room so I can listen to it. It’s recalling so many memories of my Freshman year at Converse when Hurricane Hugo hit. That was a sleepless night for all of us – I honestly think that all of us were either a) freaked out worrying about friends and family down closer to the coast or b) freaked out because we’d never lived through anything like it before. Those of us in my dorm were thankful that we were in the modern Freshman dorm, even if we’d wanted to be in the historic Pell and West Wilson because they had the fire alarm going off over and over and over. I was supposed to be finishing Beowulf for my English class. Yeah…that didn’t happen. Though the professor felt the need to open class with “I’m sure you all finished reading Beowulf last night. It was wonderful weather for that epic poem.” Yeah…he was a charmer. Now that I’m older and have experienced more, I’m less terrified and more fascinated with a healthy fear of storms like this. Hence my contemplating the living room camp-out tonight.

I’ll make that decision after I finish watching “Love Free or Die”. Bishop Gene Robinson is seriously one of my all-time heroes. I got to meet him at the Pride March a few years ago.

Truly an amazing man!!

OK…that’s enough rambling for now. If you’re in Sandy’s path, please stay safe!!

Happy running all!!


2 thoughts on “Oh Sandy… (pretty much non-running-related)

  1. So happy to know that you are okay. I was wondering about you. Thanks for the update and for your blog. Your chronicles of running help me and inspire me.

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