Catching up with everything…

The foot verdict as of Monday afternoon was that I have a mild low ankle/high foot sprain (basically if you flex your foot, you see those tendons or whatever that seem to come together at your ankle? That area.) Funnily enough, I did it before to my left foot by rolling over a pinecone. I’m taking Advil 3-4 times a day, icing at night and after working out (need to do that now actually…brb – ok, cold pack is tied on). I go back Monday for another check. Overall it seems to be doing better – I still have some little pain flares periodically, but they’re getting fewer and farther between, so I’m thinking they may be related to other tendons, etc. “helping” the sprained ones by working harder.

With part of the foot advice being “take it easy” but knowing I need to do something to keep up my fitness, and also thinking ahead to when it gets colder and needing to get some temp-controlled (read: warm) runs in to prep for Disney, I decided to join Planet Fitness again. But at a new location that’s just opened up. It’s still the same subway stop (it’s actually only a few blocks from the one I used to belong to), but this one is brand new and really nice. Went Wednesday and did 50 minutes on the elliptical (45 workout, 5 cool-down). I’m going to like it I think.

Weight Watchers…
So far, it’s going well! I’ve got some great support with friends on ROTE, and they’re giving me some good advice. I dropped 5.6 pounds in the first week – don’t freak, I’m sure at least 3 of those were water from Chicago and traveling. Of course that meant I lost a point I could use. But I’m seeing that that’s how you get trained to eat better – you automatically add in lots of fruits and veggies that are 0 points to help fill up. My friend Brandi said that she’ll often have one low point protein (light string cheese or a hard boiled egg or something) with her fruit or veggies to help her feel full longer.

Getting back into it…
Signed up for the Prospect PArk Track Club 5M Turkey Trot which will (duh) be on Thanksgiving! It’s such a fun little race! I’m excited to do it again!! And as it’s on Thursday morning, I don’t have to worry about being scheduled at the store as it’s outside of my availability. 🙂

Went to Central Park this morning to try and get a run in. My goal was somewhere between 6 and 12 miles – my plan called for 12, but since I hadn’t really run since Chicago (elliptical once, but that’s not the same) I didn’t want to say I had to do all 12 and then fail. I’m happy to report that I got 8.71 miles in! My ITB started protesting at around Mile 7, so I walked my first run interval after that to rest it and see, and then when it started protesting again in the next run interval, I knew it was time to call it a run for today. On the extra positive side, I did all of my run intervals up to that point, even on the Harlem Hills!! BIG accomplishment for me!!

Other stuff…
* Yesterday I made the decision to do something I’ve been contemplating for a while – really ever since I knew they were opening up membership to whoever wanted to join rather than being nominated by someone in there as it was when I first heard about it. I joined Team Tough Chik for 2013!! I had been trying to decide if I was really tough enough to where I’d feel worthy of being a member, but after gutting it out in Chicago like I did, I definitely feel like I am! And the more I learn about the Team, the prouder I am to know that I belong!

* I am also exploring a new fitness/nutrition tracking site – You earn points for tracking things and/or participating in challenges, and you can post a picture of what you’ll reward yourself with when you level up. I’m still exploring it, and I don’t think I’ll be tracking my food since it’s in calories and I’m working in points now with WW (and having just paid to join that for three months, I really want to give it a shot), but the concept is intriguing. I’ll keep you posted, but definitely check it out!

* In fueling, I’m trying out Clif Shot Blocks as an alternative to so much gel. Today I tried their new chocolate cherry flavor, and they actually weren’t bad. I decided to try doing one on each of the first three walk intervals after I hit Mile 4 and that seemed to work well. Had I continued my run this morning, I would have done the same starting at Mile 9 (I figure I was about at Mile 5 when I finished the third one, so four miles would be up to Mile 9). I’ll be trying this strategy on my long runs for a few weeks and may use this strategy for Disney.

* Nike Women’s Half, DC! Like the one in San Fran, getting in will be via lottery. Unlike New York, you can enter the lottery as a group where there’s a code everyone puts on their entry and if one person with that code on their entry gets in, everyone with that code on their entry gets in! There’s a group of us from ROTE (and friends ) who are planning to enter. It’s $160, which is a lot for a half (more than Disney if you’re registering for Disney before the first price increase!), but you do get a Tiffany necklace at the end. (I’m really not that concerned about firefighters being the ones giving them out…unless they have a couple of female firefighters too… (insert innocent whistling face here).

* Speaking of Disney, they released a course preview with Bart Yasso this week. It’s not AS cool as the time-lapse course trip Chicago put out (that really is cool, and I’d love to see something like it from runDisney – especially since this course IS new from the previous 19 years. But in the meantime, here you go if you’re interested…

Aaaaand I think that’s about it for now! 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


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