Blah. :(

That’s how things have been since Chicago. I was all set to go for a short little recovery run Wednesday morning, but as I was getting out of bed and walking around to get dressed, I noticed a niggle in my right foot. I opted to be safe and dealt with it aching off and on through the next few days.

While initially my thought was “Oh no. Please don’t tell me I’ve got a stress fracture”, I’ve since decided that it likely is something more muscle-based as a) it’s not constant pain, even when walking; b) it’s not really localized to one specific spot, just more of a general area; and c) if I press my fingers down my foot bones, nothing really screams OUCH. There are moments of sharp pain while walking, but it doesn’t stay, and it’s not all the time.

So after a couple of days when it didn’t get better (didn’t get worse either, but didn’t get better), I decided to go and see someone. I was going to go back to my PT place since there’s an ortho on staff there, but I found out they don’t take my insurance anymore. 😦 😦 So after talking with a couple of people, I opted for finding a podiatrist. Enter (fantabulous site if you need to find a doctor who takes your insurance!! and you get to read patient comments and recommendations before deciding). Appointment made.

I go this afternoon.

After the charming little foot didn’t really hurt all that much the past couple of days, I was worried it was going to be one of those things where I was seeing the doctor saying “Well, here’s where it DID hurt, but it doesn’t so much anymore” as has happened before with various things.

But I needn’t have feared. It’s performing wonderfully today – or maybe it’s that I didn’t take any Advil or Aleve so as not to interfere with anything that might help with a diagnosis.

I’ll keep you posted!

Also? I finally decided I’m sick of hovering in this 5ish pound range of weight I have for the past year when I still have about 25-30 to lose. was great initially, but lately it’s been far too easy to not bother since I’m not paying anything. And so…

Thursday I started Weight Watchers through the online program. I’d have done meetings, but with my schedule I can’t commit to the same meeting every week, and I’ve heard it’s best if you can do that. I anticipate that as is usually the case, I’ll drop a good bit this week from simple water weight (thank you bacon fat popcorn in Chicago!!), so it’ll be the following weeks that will really be the test.

Again, I’ll keep you posted!


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