The closest to possessed you’ll ever be…

That’s how Coach Jenny and John Bingham put it in their book Marathoning for Mortals when describing the last couple of weeks leading up to your half marathon or marathon…that lovely time known as “Taper” where your mileage drops as you supposedly rest up for your big race.

Taper time is not really the time to be making any huge decisions if for no other reason than primarily your emotions are running high and can rapidly swing from one extreme to the other. Hence the feeling of being possessed.

Amy and Tracy introduced me to this video by Oiselle about dealing with tapers – specifically this is for SOs and friends of running divas in the throes of a taper, but it’s still hysterical!

I’d agree with the toddler idea. Especially for me. I’m not likely to go out and make crazy purchases (though that elliptigo that a guy passed me on on the shared path this morning looked pretty darn cool…) or make crazy decisions. But emotional swings and random emotional responses? Oh yeah. I’m there.

Exhibit A: Yesterday, walking to my apartment from the subway between school and store, I was just thinking how normal I was feeling for it being taper time. And BAM! A couple of blocks later, I was inexplicably sobbing. I could just as easily go into hysterical giggling/laughter.

Exhibit B: Getting off the subway to start my 12-miler this morning I was inexplicably bouncy and hyper. Not quite into hysterical giggles, but if I’d been with anyone I likely would have been. And I can’t blame my pre-race fueling for it – this week was a bagel with butter and some cheese along with a diet Coke while last week’s was a Luna protein bar (of the cookie dough variety…so definitely some sugar there as well) and a Red Bull light – both with a chocolate cherry clif shot about 10 minutes before that point. And to me last week’s should have been the more hyper-inducing meal. I can only blame the taper.

Exhibit C (more on the inexplicable): After my run today, I put on Spirit of the Marathon, which yes…it always tugs at my emotions. BUT I have never burst into tears when they’re WALKING AROUND IN THE EXPO before today.

I have warned people at the store that I’m prone to tears randomly. And in some cases not so randomly. Specifically “explosions”. Those are when the Villains come to try and “take over” the store and steal our imaginations, then we call Tinkerbell and the Heroes to come and save us. When they do there is great rejoicing and fireworks displays on the wall. When I’m in taper mode, even the random wall fireworks that appear over the magic carpet (escalator) can send me into tears, so those at the end of an “explosion” most definitely do.

Fun times.

Taper madness.

I am a toddler.

TWO WEEKS! (One until Tower!!)


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