Yes, I shrieked. Even though it was 11pm.

I got home from working at the store last night around 11pm. I stopped at the mailbox on my way in to get the mail and pulled things out one at a time just in case something was stuck inside something else. I knew that these had gone out, but still, I shrieked when I pulled this out of my mailbox last:

My race guide and confirmation ticket for Chicago!!

Apologies to everyone on the second and third floor of the building if I woke you. (No apologies to my backdoor neighbor who often forgets that she has neighbors and hosts band practice at 11pm and later. Sorry.)

Shit is getting real now. Really, really real!!

But seriously, I’m feeling good about it. I went to my new chiropractor (same practice I’ve been going to, but this is a new-to-me guy as of last week who’s filling in while my regular guy is on a medical leave thing) again for an adjustment. I love this guy, though his technique is different. Once he learned I’m a runner, he puts a little more focus on my hips and making sure they’re aligned. Both this week and last my right moves a little more in the adjustment, but he said after today’s session that “everything’s moving like butter” – which I gather is a good thing. I’ll go next week before ToT. And schedule pending I’m going to TRY to go in twice between Tower and Chicago. I will at least go once.

There’s nothing posted about tracking yet. Supposedly they have it. I’ll keep you posted as I know more.

And don’t freak out about the low bib number. Charities are in Corral E, at the end of Wave 1. And no, I don’t think it’s a good idea as I suspect many of us, if not most of us, will be slower than the people coming behind us in Wave 2. However, I’m not going to stay with where we are assigned, and I’ll just make it a point of staying to the side. And running my own race so that I don’t let them pull me along faster than I want to go.

I’m getting a bit sniffly. Sadly, not surprising given that my kidlets at school have already been coughing and sniffling. 😦 So as of today I’m on a thrice a day system of Airborne. Kick this thing in the butt quickly and get my immune system up and running super well!!

So…it’s getting close!! Time to get some rest!! Early morning run call!! 🙂


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