Let the taper begin!!

For Chicago that is!

Today was my 20-miler, and I decided to try and treat it as close to race-day as possible in terms of pre-fueling, fueling during (with the exception of not having the professional Gatorade they will have on the course…but I’ll run with nuun anyway), and timing of it.

So I started last night by getting all hydrated and having pasta dinner – I found a restaurant with a menu pretty similar to the place where Team Breakthrough is having their pasta dinner and went there. Tried to get in bed early and get some sleep.

And then in something I don’t want to repeat, was awakened around 2:30am with calf cramps. No clue why. But they definitely had me nervous about the run.

Woke up around the time I expect I’ll be waking up to get to Aqua (Oh yes…I paid $10 for the CES Marathon Day VIP experience…it’s going to be so worth it!!). Ate and drank what I’m intending…though I think I won’t do it AS early on race day as I was a little hungry early on in the run based on eating closer to when I woke up. Walked to the subway and headed to the Hudson River to run alongside it.

Got started and everything easy and feeling good. Then around mile 9 or 10 my knees started randomly getting achy. I downed a salt packet even though I wasn’t sweating all that much as it was cooler and windy. Took a run interval or two as a walk interval, and then was feeling better! Kept going. I was able to finish strong – doing the final run intervals!! And honestly that hasn’t happened as much as it should have.

But I’m glad that I finished my last *major* long run strong!! I finished the 20.19 in 4:45, which, knowing my PR in the 10K, makes me really feel like on race day, with the rest that comes with the taper and the adrenaline I CAN go sub-6!! Visualizing it constantly!! 5:59:59 is going to be posted all over my apartment and wherever I can!!

Now to taper and get ready for marathon day!!


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