Chicago Marathon Week 18 / Walt Disney World Marathon Week 3

So the training continues! This past week was my highest mileage in a while (maybe ever?) – 30.91! Granted, I did do my 18-miler on Monday, so…

This Saturday is the 20-miler! EEK!!! And of course while this part of the week is fantastic weather-wise, it’s supposed to warm up on Saturday. But Sunday and Monday (we’re off because of the Jewish Holidays…gotta love teaching in NYC!) are only supposed to be maybe 1-2 degrees cooler – AND I have work at Disney those nights. So I might as well just suck it up and do it Saturday.

Then it’s time to taper for Chicago.

I suppose I’m getting a little more excited about it. I still want to see the medal – but I’m not holding my breath for that one. I suppose I’ll have to settle for my “packet” which I guess I should be getting soon? I don’t know if it’s by email or snail mail (for those of you who mail me stuff (I know…not many), I am seriously considering getting a PO Box soon just because the mail service at my apartment has been ridiculously sub-standard this summer. As in at least 2 packages have never been delivered that I know of and lord only knows what else I haven’t gotten) – I’m hoping for the cyber variety simply because I should get that with no problem.

It is kind of weird that we’re this close to Tower and no final instructions have been mailed out. I only know my bib (3026) there because someone told me the link is on the page. It seems like with the Great Medal Caper Donald ran off with some organization as well because they’re usually amazingly organized and on top of things! Oh, and if you were planning to run during Marathon Weekend, your only option outside of the 5K (it’s still open) is seeing if a charity or travel partner has any slots left. Yep – Donald, Mickey AND Goofy are all sold out! Wowza!!


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