Chicago Marathon Week 17/Walt Disney World Marathon Week 2

Let my kick off with some good news! I have hit my minimum fundraising goal for Chicago!! Now, just because I’ve met the minimum doesn’t mean I can’t still accept more donations! Every little bit helps – remember, we’re fighting brain tumors here!! If you’d like to donate, the link is in the sidebar – “Sponsor Me!” So that’s a big monkey off my shoulders as for some reason Chicago requires that the funds be in before the race (most others I’ve looked at give you about a month afte the race to finish raising the money) – although before today’s donations that pushed me over the top, the amount was such that I could have finished it off on my own. (Note to self: remember the struggle this amount was when you start thinking about another race for charity since this amount was minor compared to a lot I’ve seen out there!)

So I should be super pumped. And I am pumped that my friends and family are awesome and have supported me in this.

But I’ll be honest. I’m sitting here watching Spirit of the Marathon in hopes that some kind of inspiration will strike regarding Chicago. Because really? I’m extremely ho-hum about it right now.

Tower of Terror 10 Miler? Super pumped!

Walt Disney World Marathon? Super pumped!

Chicago Marathon? Meh. (And if you know me, you know I really don’t like that “word” so for me to use it…you get the idea.)

I have no real clue why. At first I thought it was getting my 18-miler done on Monday. But I looked back at stuff and I actually felt good and pumped after my 18-miler for Disney 2012. Maybe the heat and humidity has something to do with it – it’s rough to want to get out there when it’s so soupy. But I’ve been ok through the summer, so I don’t know. Other than a banged-up knee from a fall – non-running related – I’m not injured. So that’s not it. I haven’t been following the training schedule exactly, so I don’t think it’s overtraining.

Maybe it’s just general end-of-summer blahs. The last few weeks of summer were truly magical with getting to see the outdoor staging of Into the Woods at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park and falling in love with that all over again – and being thoroughly charmed, inspired and transported four times over its run. It was truly a dream few weeks. And then I hit the nightmare of getting ready to go back to school – it’s slightly less nightmarish due to one change, but I am still already fighting with myself to go every day. So that probably plays into it – while running should theoretically be an escape and a good one, when I’m so uninspired to do one thing that’s such a major part of your daily life time-wise, it’s hard to get inspired in pretty much everything else. Though then again I am still really happy at and enjoying my time at Disney immensely (and wish there was some way I could *just* work there, though that’s completely impossible).

In talking (ok, texting) with my friend Rick today, I did ponder that perhaps not knowing exactly what I’m working for is contributing to this blah-ness. It’s very easy to get pumped about Disney races as you get to see the bling ahead of time. You know what you’re working for. (And yes, I’ve come around and am totally excited about the Mickey 20 medal!!) It’s hard to be pumped for something you’re working as hard for as you do for marathon bling and not know what you’re going to get. I understand they might want it to be a surprise, and if there was a way that it could be a total surprise to EVERY RUNNER out there, I might be ok with it. But here’s the thing… Inevitably faster finishers will go back up the course wearing their medals and so anyone after them can see it. Surprise ruined. And if it’s ugly? And you’re at Mile 20 or wherever your wall is? I don’t know…I might end up having a long chat with myself about why I’m torturing myself for *THAT*. Or my stubborn streak might kick in and be all “Oh no. You trained. You are finishing.” and then never look at the medal again. Of course this is all speculation as I likely won’t see the Chicago medal until a faster runner crossed my path wearing it. (At least I’m not getting a fleece-lined poncho?? 😛 Oh, BTW, you now get a choice of bag check/no fleece-lined poncho or no bag check and early exit and fleece poncho for NYC. So it seems like they’re listening…but I don’t trust NYRR one iota right about now.)

So yeah…I’m just not feeling the pumped upness for Chicago. Hopefully it will come back. Soon.

So training wise…I did 18 on Monday. It went ok – some ITB twinges after Mile 16, but overall ok.

I had every intention of doing a run after school today, but the temperature and humidity combined with no snack (long story…let’s just say McDonalds up here needs to learn to put up signs when they are out of something like ice cream…no, I do not want fries or an apple pie when I had asked for a McFlurry – and I wasted too much time standing in line to find this out so that I couldn’t have gone elsewhere, stood in line, gotten something, and still had time to get a run in before i had to go meet a friend briefly) meant that didn’t happen. So I’ve got everything set out for tomorrow morning – an easy, early morning run. And I will make myself get out and do it.

Maybe just doing it will bring some enthusiasm back.

A girl can dream, right?


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Week 17/Walt Disney World Marathon Week 2

  1. I hear ya on the bling thing! I’ve never run a marathon before, but this WDW medal did it for me. I was debating on Route 66 or Disney, but the Disney medal won hands down for my first marathon medal. If I had not seen Route 66 ahead of time, and registered, raced, etc. I would have been very disappointed at the end of it all…

    • Yep. It’s amazing how much a medal can inspire people to want to do a race. I don’t really understand the not releasing a picture ahead of time thing. It’s not like you are individually creating them at the finish line!

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