Chicago Week 16/Walt Disney World Week 1 Day 1

Hey hey! Yes, training has been going on! I’ve just been busy between training, working, resting, and waiting on line to see Into the Woods at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park! (Soooo worth it, BTW!) But I have been training. And at 20 weeks out, I’m calling this the start of my WDW training as well, though there’s technically no break other than a lower-mileage week between Chicago and ramping up again.

Let’s see… Bullet points to catch up…

* Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I stopped with the Skechers GoRunRides. After I had to cut a 14 mile training run short because of ITB/knee pain I haven’t had in a while and the only thing different was those shoes, I came to the conclusion that I simply need more support. So I’m back in my Brooks shoes, rotating between the Ravenna and the Defyance models.

* There really is some sense in the 10% rule…I broke it by just a bit and ended up with a couple of days off on injury rest. Sticking to it from now on!!

* I definitely need to use body glide around my belly button when it’s raining/wet and I’m wearing my iFitness belt. That area is right where the belt sits over the skirt band, and let’s just say after my run last weekend (not the most recent one, the one before) I was in PAIN!! Thank you A&D ointment AND NuSkin!! And just because you think something’s healed? Use body glide again for at least the next week. I thought I was all better and so didn’t when I went out for my LSR on Saturday. I didn’t chafe AS badly, but I’m definitely back on the A&D.

* I got off work “early” (ok, not really as the part from 7:15-11 was a call-in, so basically they just didn’t take my call-in after my shift) on Saturday and as I was eating my dinner (chicken fingers and fries – I was initially thinking fueling for Sunday morning), it occurred to me that I could get home, change, and head out for a nighttime run and basically simulate Tower – minus two miles. So I did that…and learned that I really need to plan out these things better as chicken fingers and fries just a couple of hours before running and I don’t mix well. I didn’t get sick, but it was close. Saturday the 8th is a 10 mile run, so I’m thinking I’ll just plan for that to be at night and fuel accordingly.

Went out this morning and did a loop of Prospect Park at an easy pace. It was slightly cooler, but humid, so it still wasn’t an EASY run. But I got it done ~ 3.94 miles. WHEE!!

And REALLY good news is that I’m $283.40 away from my fundraising goal for Team Breakthrough! If you’d like to help me fight brain tumors as I run Chicago, please see my page: here!! Thanks so much!! Every little bit helps!!


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