Well, the leaked picture was correct.

I’m still not thrilled with it.

It looks too much like the Coast to Coast medal to me – not as “super unique” as runDisney was making it out to be. Ooh, it spins. Color me impressed. /sarcasm

I’m interested to see it in person and hold it in my hand – you can’t really tell size from the picture as it’s not next to any of the other Disney medals, but it looks small.

I did my best to screen cap the shots from the video as the only picture that’s out there is the artistic rendering. It was harder to get the “black and white” (I suppose my favorite of the two) side as both spinners were spinning, so the words are a little faded. Those are on the narrower section around the Mickey pictures.

Color side with one quote (which at least makes sense for running):

Black and White side with the other quote (not sure how THAT applies to running):

So we’ll see. It’s not the devil incarnate, but it’s not what I would have done for a “unique” 20th Anniversary medal if I ruled the world.


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