Chicago Marathon ending Week 13

Last week was great in terms of consistency…but I sort of went over the 10% rule. You know…don’t increase your mileage by more than 10% each week. I increased by 17.1%. That would help explain why my legs weren’t having it after 10 or so miles on my long run (I went 11…but my legs were achy and crampy all day even after stretching, icing and rolling.

This morning, to hopefully start Week 14, I woke up to an achy lower back. Not wanting to make things worse, I’ve decided to go with three run days INCLUDING my LSR…just perhaps make Wednesday’s a little longer combining todays with aspects of Wednesdays…for this week and see how I feel. Figuring out the exact balance of training can be a tricky thing. 🙂

So the training mileage report stands at…

Training mileage: 188.42
Weight: 172


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