So…have you been inspired? Here’s a plan!

By the Olympics?

Lots of people get inspired when major events go on. There are usually more runners around NYC around the time of the marathon – some continue on, others drop off. With the visibility of running – and the success of our track and field Olympians (at least so far) ~ Galen Rupp’s silver in the 10K, Leo Manzano in the 1500, and the potential success of Meb Keflezighi, Ryan Hall, and Jenny Simpson to name but a few, I’d say there is definitely a potential to increase the current running boom!

Yay for running! Boo for more crowded and harder to get into races! Just kidding about the boo…mostly!

I started running myself only a little over two years ago (July 1, 2010 to be exact). I’ve blogged most of my journey here over the past couple of years – for sort of a succinct look and some of my tips for new racers, see this post – and it’s all here for anyone to see. I’m not the fastest, but I’m not the slowest. And most days there’s some kind of breakthrough – or at least a lesson I learn.

Anyway, while I started with the Couch to 5K plan, and I did ok with it, I quickly looked for more for my continuing training.

Enter Marathoning for Mortals and Coach Jenny Hadfield’s plans. I used her run/walk a Half plan for my first (and second and fourth halv marathons – I switched it up for the third and learned that for me, that was a huge mistake) and her run/walk a Marathon for my first full and it worked. My current plan that I’m using for Chicago is from Chicago Endurance Sports, which she co-founded, and I can definitely see her fingerprints on the plan I’m using even if it doesn’t have a specific “created by” name attached to it.

She’s got a great website, and on it is a Zero-to-Running plan that looks incredible!! Jenny is awesome and is very accessible through both facebook and twitter, and I highly recommend ANY of her plans. Check out the rest of her website too! Her stretches are amazing and I do them every day! (Ok, so I was bad, but I’m getting better at that one.)

So, if you’ve been inspired by the Olympics, check out the plan. If you want to start running, get to a local running store if at all possible (and I’m not talking Foot Locker (even their “Run” stores) or Dick’s or Champs) and get fitted for some shoes. They’ll watch you run on a treadmill (you can pick the tempo) and hopefully walk in socks and stand on both feet then on one foot at a time. They’ll help get you in the right shoes (just remember, they’re human, and if something’s not right, tell them…many have a return policy that lets you do a few runs in the shoes and bring them back if they don’t work (not all do, so ask first). One other thing I’ve learned is that as you progress it’s not always bad to be reassessed as your needs can change – I’ve gone from a very supportive, structured shoe to one that’s less structured and supportive but still has a bit just because my stride has changed as I’ve progressed. It happens.

So you’ll have a plan, you’ll have shoes… Give it some time, and it’ll soon become a habit you can have for life.


And welcome to the family!


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