Chicago Marathon end of Week 12, starting Week 13

Yes, I did mostly do my workouts last week – the Olympics are really bad for training. Great for inspiring me to want to get out there, but bad because I want to watch!!

Anyway, I did take Tuesday off. But Wednesday I went up to Central Park to do 5 1/2 mile repeats with 5 minutes recovery between them. I’d initially thought I would do the 102nd Street transverse because one round trip would be about 1/2 a mile, and I didn’t realize that my new (ish) Garmin lets me mix intervals. On my old one it was time OR distance, but this one lets me mix, so I was able to set my run to a distance of 0.5 and my rest time to 5 minutes. So I thought I’d just run around the reservoir which is flatter and a softer surface. Well, as I got off the subway, I walked out into a downpour. I know that there are big puddles around the reservoir even a couple of days after a heavy rain, so…back to the transverse. What I somehow hadn’t realized was that that stupid transverse has a hill!! I normally go at it from the other direction, and I never noticed I was going downhill. Oops! I was nervous about this workout anyway as I knew that running the 1/2 mile would require me to run longer than I’m used to…but I’d be recovering longer between them as well. So I decided to go for it.

And I did it! I ran every single step of those 1/2 mile reps!! My average pace (mile-based) was: 10:18, 11:23, 11:14, 11:28, and 10:59!!!! I’m very proud of myself!!

Thursday I did Yoga for the Warrior, and the fact that it had been a while since I’d done that showed in my shakiness.

Saturday was scheduled to be 14 miles. I got 12 in before it became obvious that I need more support than the Skechers were providing. I was having aches in my knees I haven’t had in a long, long time. Evidenced by having to come home and put frozen peas and veggies on my knees.

I’m ok with them on shorter runs – though I made the decision to go back to my Brooks shoes this week to let things settle down – but no longer runs in them for me.

Saturday night and Sunday morning I was really sore – stiff and creaky in my upper back. I was attributing it to the yoga and not having done that in a while, but when I decided to try doing the DVD again on Sunday and felt better as it went on, I’m more inclined to say that it was largely due to the pounding from the lack of cushioning and support in the Skechers. I’m sure they’re great shoes for some people, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re heavier, I’d personally advise against them.

I don’t know if you follow runDisney’s facebook page, but they’re doing this “Great Medal Caper” to get to the reveal of the 20th Anniversary Marathon Medal. We’re having to follow Donald all over the place through liking and sharing pics. And the occasional video. The latest employs Jeff Galloway and introduces us to a song and line dance “The Galloway” that reminds is that “first you run; then you walk”. I’m not going to subject you to it here. If you really want to experience it, go to youtube and search “The Galloway” and “runDisney”. There was an option to download it as a song or ringtone. One of my friends came up with the best (and IMHO only) use for the ringtone: set it as the alarm tone on workout mornings because that will make you want to get up just to make it stop. And once you’re up, you might as well do your workout.

I can say it worked this morning. I got dressed, laced up my Ravennas, and headed to Prospect Park. Decided to try 5/1 rather than 4:30/1…and while I’m undecided on the exact ratio I’ll use, I generally did ok. In one of those moments of pure “Are you kidding me??” the humidity started to break and a nice breeze came up just as I finished. But I got more miles done, and that’s what’s important!

I decided to extend my matching the first $10 of every donation I receive towards my Team Breakthrough fundraising through the end of the Olympics. So far I’m ponying up $50…but I’d love to have to pony up more! 🙂 Any support is greatly appreciated!! My Team Breakthrough Fund-Raising Page

Training mileage: 167.7 miles
Weight: 174


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