Chicago Marathon Week 12

Ok, let me explain… I chronicled Week 8.

Then the next day I got sick – very bad sore throat and the feeling that something was stuck in the back of my mouth/top of my throat. Ended up in the ER and was diagnosed with essentially a cold that was only in my throat. And a swollen uvula just to make things fun. So Week 9 was abbreviated. I did do my 5K time trial and a fantastic feeling 12 mile run on the 14th.

And then that cold decided to hit my nose and chest at the same time. And I was down for the count. That week consisted of nothing at all due to the “If it’s above the neck you’re ok, but below and you’re risking damage” rule. 😦 So Week 10 was a wash.

Week 11…I was feeling better, but just slacked off. I admit it. Wednesday I did 2.87 miles as I was finally feeling like I could get out there and do some running. Kind of wiped myself out, so the next run was Saturday. I was going to do 13 to make up for missing it the week before. The A Train was being its usual impossibly slow self, so I went to Prospect Park. For some reason I had 3 loops in my head…and realized towards the end of loop 2 that I needed to do FOUR loops. And that messed with my head. Badly. Couple that with 90%+ humidity. And for some reason not spacing my gels out correctly. And forgetting my knee strap, and I called it at 6.83. :/ I know it was the right decision, but still. :/

So now we are on Week 12, and I am buckling down. This morning was proof of that.

I got dressed and headed out, intending to go to Prospect Park. Got to the turnstiles at the subway station and swiped my card only to get the “insufficient fare” notice. Oh damn it! I totally forgot that the Unlimited cards are 30 days and July has 31. And yet the money doesn’t go into my wageworks account until the 31st. I have enough money to get a one trip card and get into work this evening – and the money should be in at midnight, so getting off at 1 I can replace the unlimited one then. But unless I wanted to walk 5 miles into work tonight, going to PP wasn’t happening. So…

Rather than say “Ok, not running.” or even risk changing up the days and doing XT, I simply walked back to VonKing Park and did my 50 minutes there. It wasn’t the prettiest 50 minutes I’ve done, and I’ve dropped back to 4/1 at least while I get back into it, but I got it done.

Now I am watching the Olympics (more on those later) and rehydrating.

Training mileage: 146.52
Weight: 174


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