Chicago Marathon Week 8 Days 4, 5 and 6

One would think I’d have more time to get this writing done during the summer since I’m only working one job. One would apparently be not quite right. LOL. Oops!

Thursday was XT and I opted to do an aerobics DVD. One day I need to do the whole thing which includes strength and core work. Thursday was just not that day. Maybe when it gets a little cooler so that even in my living room with the window unit I’m not drowning in sweat. We’ll see.

Friday was a short 40 minute easy run. Well, I opted to reset all my alarms for an hour later, which was a mistake. So hot out there already. You don’t realize what a difference the sun makes until you’re running with it on you. It was a slow 2.88 miles, but I got it done.

Today I was slated for 11 miles. And it was supposed to be HOT. I got off work last night at 11:15, and by the time I got home it was around 12:40. I wanted to be on the train by 4am, so I debated just staying up. But ultimately decided to “nap” and get up around 3. I was out the door by just before 4, and got on the G train fairly quickly. The issue with waiting comes with the A train. Even though there are TWO A train routes, in the wee hours those trains seem to come way less frequently than pretty much any other line.

When I got off the G to wait for the A, I was afraid that I was about to have a situation like last year where some guy was following me. I’m pretty sure he moved to be across from me on the G, and then he waited until almost the last minute to get off the G. He then walked sort of around where I was standing, so I casually walked down towards the other end of the platform where there were more people. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he came down the platform – but he was walking pretty fast. Not coming at me, though, which made me wonder. The last time the guy wasn’t moving all that fast. I walked back down to the other end of the platform and remembered that the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station has a police presence in it, so I walked up the stairs and just stood where I could see the officers. Another G train came (and THIS is why the A being so long between trains is just bizarre…the train that everyone laughs at and only has one route has 2 (at least) trains stop before the train that has 2 routes further down has even one come?) and I debated getting on that and just running at Coney Island but ultimately decided to stay put. The guy hadn’t come back down to the end of the platform where I was (I could see from atop the stairs), so I waited at the bottom of the stairs knowing there were two cops outside of the office that I could run to and/or yell to if necessary. (I didn’t go to them immediately just because I wasn’t 100% sure he was following me like I had been last year – when I realized it ON the A train. I didn’t want to cause a fuss if there was no need for one.) Long story a little shorter, I never saw him again, so yay!

Got off at 14th St and headed towards the Hudson. Parts of the park were blocked off when I first got there, so I ran along the far outer edge of the bike path until it was open. Well, I say ran…it was very shuffly and slow because of the heat and humidity. I had Hammer gels in my pack and Nuun in my handheld. I stopped a couple of times to add water to the handheld, and about 2 hours in, I added a salt packet because I’m definitely a salty sweater. Still, as I got further into the second hour, I was feeling something like the beginning of cramps in my hammies and a little in my calves. Thankfully I carry a little money on me and double thankfully around Chelsea Piers there are drink machines and one of them is ALL PowerAde (there’s a Gatorade machine further down the path, but I needed something right then). I’m not normally a PowerAde fan, but it was like liquid manna from heaven today.

Ended up getting my miles done at a 14:32 pace, which isn’t that bad actually. It’s right in the middle of my prescribed LSR pace, so I’ll take it.

I’m debating yoga tomorrow since I made Tuesday a rest day. But we’ll see. The GF diet is going well so far. I’m finding that it’s forcing me to eat healthier – if only by virtue of the face that I can’t get anything from the vending machine at work. The more difficult part of the week has been giving up soda. I’ve done it successfully before – without craving it. The giving up TWO things in one week I think has made the giving up soda thing harder. Still, so far so good.

Happy training!

Training mileage: 117.89
Weight: 176


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Week 8 Days 4, 5 and 6

    • Yep, it does. 🙂 Scary, but in weather like this, very necessary! (The knowing the water fountain situation was what made me stick out potentially creepy guy and go to HRP rather than Coney Island. I don’t know the fountain situation there nearly as well. I’ll have to explore that on a shorter run or just scouting walking trip.)

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