Chicago Marathon Week 8 Day 3

With the heat we’re having this summer, I’m quickly getting into a pattern on run days: wake up around 4am, eat something, go for my run, come home and shower (Starbucks after the run on the way home), then take a nap. Hey, whatever works, right?

Today was listed in my training plan as “4 miles at race pace”. OK. Yes, I should have figured out about what my race pace should be and feel like by now, but I’m really bad at that. So ok, I just went to the McMillian Calculator to see, and based on my Broad Street pace my marathon race pace should be 12:46 minute miles. My primary thing is figuring out the correct running and walking speed. That’s tough. For me anyway. But I try. 🙂

I debated which park to go to for my run today. Central Park has a built-in 4 mile loop, which would make things easier, but that’s a long subway ride, and with trains running on a Saturday (or Sunday?) schedule, even longer to wait for an A train at the time I was leaving. So I opted to go to Prospect Park. To make up the difference, I ran up the center road about 1/2 way and turned around to go back to the main road. It was humid this morning – heck, even going down into my subway station it was almost unbearable until I got to track level; it felt like they’d done the washing with steaming hot water – craziness. Outside in spite of it playing with raining off and on (it was to “on” by the time I finished) it was steamy, and I probably started off too fast, so I had to do some walking in the middle. BUT I didn’t have to use my inhaler!! (Warm-up and cool-down totaled 0.65 so the total for this run was 4.65.)

Ultimately, the 4 miles took me 50 minutes, which was a 12:30 pace! Ok, so it’s a bit faster than the calculator. But I did it. And I felt good. I think if I can control my pace in the beginning and slow it down a touch I’m about right on where I should be. So yay!

The breathing was so much better today, even with the humidity. I’m not totally ready to say it’s the diet, but it’s definitely looking like wheat/gluten might have been part of the asthma issue all along. We’ll see how things continue.

Training mileage: 103.73
Weight: 176


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