Chicago Marathon Week 8 Day 1

Wow!! 8 weeks into training already!! Craziness!!

This morning was a hill repeat workout. I was going to head t Prospect Park and do it on The Beast – especially nice as if the initial part was taking me the 90-120 seconds there’s a cutoff partway up I could use and work my way into running the whole thing. However, a building decided to collapse and affect subway service going there. And I haven’t mapped out how to get there without the subway (note to self: do that…Kathy suggested it on Saturday as a way to force myself into finishing a distance). So to Central Park and Strawberry Hill I went. I’m not brave enough to try a hill workout on Cat Hill yet.

I did about 7 minutes warm-up, 4 strides, 6 90 second hill run-ups with 90-120 second recovery once I got down, then 10 minutes cool-down for 3.46 miles!

Overall felt good with it. I’ve had to really tighten the laces on the Skechers. They’re made to be roomier in the forefoot, and I have a sorta wide foot there, but I think they were loose and that’s what was causing the right shoe in particular to slip around my foot so I looked to be almost running on the inner sole edge. It got better once I tightened them, but I’m going to keep an eye on it for sure.

In other things…

* I’m finally caught up with all the running podcasts I listen to other than Marathon Talk! Quite a feat. The Marathon Show, Running with the Pack, and Marathon Talk are definitely staying on my list. I’m still undecided about Embrace Running. I like parts of it, they’re definitely easy to listen to, and it makes me laugh in that their interaction – “[Insert talk about training here]” “Yeah. Yeah.” – reminds me of that old SNL “Delicious Dish” skit. Like it should be on NPR or something. And I like the variety that’s on the other podcasts – they’re not just rehashing the race the hosts did the previous weekend. So we’ll see. (And random…but is it a California thing to call a stationary bike a “spinner”? It took me forever to figure out what Elena was talking about when she’d say she got on the spinner.)

* Once again, I’m trying to eliminate soda from the diet. I try this periodically. Usually I’ll be fine until I go out to eat or something. The vending machine in the breakroom at the store will make this extra challenging. (But I refuse to just sit in the locker room and block lockers (and refuse to move for people needing to get into lockers above where I’m sitting) while I read.) I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

* I thought I’d posted about the possible food allergy adventure before, but I can’t find it. Basically I can’t eat peanuts anymore. The allergy test done didn’t show an allergic reaction, but my body does. It did show an allergy to wheat, which I didn’t buy into before. But… Last night I started thinking about maybe trying to go gluten free just to see if maybe I’d feel better – not that I’ve felt BAD, but it could be a matter of I’m just so used to it. And then today…breakfast was a Luna Protein bar – the Protein ones are gluten free. It was that, and water, and a drink from Starbucks that doesn’t have any wheat in it. And I didn’t have to use my inhaler during my workout at all. Or after. No wheezing or anything. Then at lunch (I figured I’d just get rid of all the stuff with wheat I’ve got now and then begin the experiment of gluten-free) I had Mac & Cheese and within a few minutes was noticing that I was getting a little wheezy. So… Looks like I’ll be taking some stuff back to Trader Joe’s tomorrow and getting GF stuff and beginning the experiment earlier.

Training mileage: 99.08
Weight: 177.6

Oh, and yes, I AM quoted in the just-released Runner’s World. 🙂


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