Chicago Marathon Week 7 Days 4-6

It was sort of an off week for XT – though I’m feeling like Yoga may take place tomorrow.

Yesterday I woke up wheezy and debated if I should bother trying to get a run in. Ultimately took 2 puffs of the inhaler and decided to go for it. After all, I’d be very close to my apartment AND I’d have the inhaler with me. Turns out once I started I was fine.

Just like my crazy body to stop wheezing when I START actually running. LOL.

I got off from the store at 1, and it was around 2:30 before I got home and settled. I contemplated just staying up and getting to Prospect Park by 5am, but decided on a nap. Got to the park about 6:45 and started on my assigned 9 miles.

Well, ok, last week’s assigned 9 miles. With the Pride Run and March last weekend, I swapped the mileage.

Given the heat, I decided to go and just see what I could do. I managed to get all 9 done! Whee! The Skechers are doing well. They did loosen up a little and have to be re-tied, and I’m watching how my right foot reacts as this morning it was looking like I was rolling in as I never have before. But it could just be I’ve never really looked at my feet since I didn’t really feel anything different while running.

And now I need a nap!!

Training mileage: 95.62
Weight: 177.6


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