Chicago Marathon Week 6 recap!

The week can basically be summed up in one word.


Monday wasn’t too bad, but it just got worse temperature-wise and humidity-wise.

Monday: 3.48 miles on my regular school-day morning route. I’m definitely looking forward to school being out (Shut up, YES we’re still in school…the kids have a half-day on Wednesday and us teachers finish up paperwork until 3pm, then I’m free!!) so I can change things up. Not only for variety’s sake but just in case someone’s observing me. I have no reason to think anyone is, but you never know. This was a ladder run where I warmed up, then would run hard for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute; run hard for 2, walk for 2; run hard for 3, walk for 3; and then repeat in reverse (3-2-1).

Tuesday: I took a rest day. My body needed it.

Wednesday: 3.58. A hill workout on Strawberry Hill in Central Park. Not bad for a first hill workout in the upper 90s.

Thursday: Yoga for the Warrior. My shoulders are STILL feeling this one!

Friday: 2.27 miles on a nice, easy run. Humid and hot. When it’s 81 at 4:45am, you know it’s gonna be hot!

Saturday: Pride Run – 5 miles. I did a few seconds better than last year. I thought it was cooler, but others said no, it was hotter.

Sunday: Pride March – 2.25 miles. Slow and stop and go (I refused to “race” with others in Front Runners…and I missed my church friends terribly), but it was time on my feet, so I’m counting it in the mileage.

So that’s the week in a nutshell. Overall a good week, even with the heat.

Training miles: 79.44
Weight: 177.6


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