Chicago Marathon Week 5 Days 5, 6 and 7

Wow, am I really done with 5 weeks of training?!?!?!? How crazy is that???

Friday I ended up just doing a good bit of walking around, more than usual. Yoga didn’t happen, but with walking as much as I did and stretching out, I’m ok with that!

Yesterday I got my little butt out of bed and went to run in Prospect Park. Part of the fun of weekend running in Prospect is if you’re there early enough you get to run while bike races are going on. Very cool. Got just over one lap done for 3.4 miles. And it proved that yes, I need to make sure my butt is running with hills periodically during my training!

Not that that happened this morning. Because of a race in Central Park (yes, you can still run in the park…I just didn’t feel like going up and dealing with it, especially since I would have just wanted to do 2 laps of the middle loop), I opted to go for my long run favorite place – along the Hudson. It was a little humid, but there was usually a breeze, so that was extra nice! Got in 8.66 nice and feeling-good miles and even managed a negative split for the training run. Translation: I went faster than I should have for a LSR. Oops!

The RoadID finally arrived and survived its first run! Woohoo! Really, everyone who runs, bikes, etc. should have a RoadID!

And in the seen on my run category? The Space Shuttle Enterprise AND the Disney Magic. I’m torn as to which was more exciting. 🙂

It’s been a good week. Onto Week 6.

Training miles: 62.86
Weight: 177.4


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