Chicago Marathon Week 5 Day 1 (and catching up)

Yes, week 4 happened. LOL. My life also happened and I didn’t get things updated like I should.

Let’s see… Week 4 had 4.36 miles on Monday, a 5K time trial on Tuesday (I hate 5Ks), and then a 10K race on Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday were yoga.

The 10K was the NYRR Mini 10K. It was not my best race by far, but I am proud of myself for finishing and for running as hard as I could (not overly) the last 400 meters. I had a couple of friends who do Disney races who were also running it, and I think they had a good time as well overall.

I had two near asthma attacks. The first was my fault for a) forgetting to puff on the inhaler before starting and b) taking off a bit faster than comfortable for me in an attempt to see if I could keep pace with one of my friends. Walked a good bit after that to get my breathing under control. The second was around the Engineer’s Gate when a braintrust in the TnT cheering section was smoking. Don’t even get me started. First off, it’s not allowed in the parks and anyone associated with TnT should not only know that but help enforce it. And second (or maybe it should be first), you’re with an organization fighting forms of cancer…shouldn’t you be abstaining from things that cause cancer?? But I managed to keep things under control.

The humidity got to me though, and while I was dumping water on myself at most water stops (I feel like they could have used at least one more at perhaps the 102nd St transverse area…I feel like there was one somewhere between entering the park and starting Harlem Hills last year, but I could be wrong), the one at the top of Harlem Hills I didn’t dump water but drank it because there was a sign saying “Misting Station Ahead”. Well, that station failed to materialize. 😦

But I finished. I did appreciate the popsicles – even if they did sort of steal the thunder of those at the Pride Run. As hot/humid as it was, they were nice.

Overall I had a good time and will likely keep this one on my calendar. But it did show me I really need to take advantage of the no school this summer to hit the hills in Central and/or Prospect Park for my training. The block-sized park near my apartment is convenient for my very early morning runs, but the flatness of it doesn’t help in regards to hills at all.

So that was that.

This morning’s run was 50 minutes with 4:30/1 reps – so 9 of them. Plus warm-up and cool-down. It went much better than the race on Saturday, and I ended up with 4.66 miles! Yay for redemption!

Let’s do this thing!

Training mileage: 48.24
Weight: 177.4


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