Chicago Marathon Week 3 Day 1

Welcome to the third week of training!! Woo!! (And yes, I’m actually posting on the day!! Double woo!!)

Per my ticker we are at 4 months, 2 weeks and 1 day to go!! It seems like a long way off, but if my past experiences tell me anything, it’ll be here before I know it!!

Also? We are most definitely getting into summer temperatures! Wowza was it warm already at 9am! So lesson learned…as much as sleeping in on a day off is nice, for these hot weather runs it’s far better to get my little butt out of bed and run early. I can nap later if necessary!!

But today… Woke up around 8:30 and by the time I got dressed and headed out the door it was about 9. Since I knew I had work this evening, I chose to just do my regular route around the little park close to my apartment. Which was fine, except people were already getting there for their cook-outs (Sorry, I was raised in Carolina barbecue country and burgers and hot dogs on a grill is not a “barbecue”, it is a cook-out. If a pig roasting on a spit or grill isn’t involved, it’s NOT a barbecue.) which added two interesting elements: dodging people who were unloading from their cars and walking stuff across the sidewalk to hand it over the fence AND patches where the temperature rose a good 10 degrees or more as I ran by grills which had already been fired up.

So I took it nice and slow and even walked more than intended. I’m not going to feel bad about that either, especially as I get acclimated to these temperatures. Drank plenty of water on the run and when I got in. Also treated myself to wrapping up in my Chilly Pad towel which is INCREDIBLE!! Love that thing!!!!

Week three has commenced! And so far, I’m feeling good about this training!!

Training mileage: 34.27
Weight: 177.4


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