Chicago Marathon Week 2 Day 7

I went back and forth on what to do today since I slept through my scheduled XT on Tuesday.

Initially I’d thought I’d do yoga today and make up for it. But that didn’t happen before church. And now…while I could do it, I did do a good bit of walking getting to and from church, so even if it’s not XT in the totally proper sense of the word, it’s not like I was a slug all day either.

So I’m just going to call it a rest day as scheduled and that is that. 🙂

It’s hard to believe two weeks have already gone by!! When I first looked at the plan, I thought it looked SOOOOO long!! And it is – most marathon plans are 18 weeks tops. But at the same time, October will be here before we know it!!


Training mileage: 33.27
Weight: 177.4


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