Chicago Marathon Week 2 Day 6

Long run day!!

Got up and took a bit of time getting ready while debating where I wanted to run. I finally decided on Central Park so that I could possibly go to running club after the run. On the way there decided to just make it a Mini 10K preview.

I really need to work on keeping my pace for my long slow runs slower than my weekday runs.

And I still need to try as my pace was again around 13:20/mile. Oops!

And that was with the Harlem Hills!! I hate that section of the park – only because of the hills. It’s nice for running though in terms of not having to dodge horse carriages, pedicabs, and tourists either wandering cluelessly on foot or shakily attempting to ride a bike and paying no attention to what’s going on around them. But that’s the only nice part. The hill part is ICKY!

Still, all in all it was a good run! 6.61 miles including warm-up and cool-down (I’m never sure how to count that on either kind of run day, so I just count it in for everything) and generally felt good throughout. But it was hot and humid. Blech!!

I didn’t make it to running club because I spent a lot of time going from one Starbucks to another to find one that had all the ingredients for my preferred (yesterday anyway) post-long run treat. One was out of peppermint but had chocolate chips; one had chips but no peppermint. And then the one I did find with everything the girl had to be all “It’s not really light…just skim milk.” Um sweetie? That IS light. “Skinny” is with skim and sugar free syrups and ain’t no such thing as a skinny frappuccino. Oy vey!

Training mileage: 33.27
Weight: 177.4


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