Chicago Marathon Week 2 Day 4

Yoga Meltdown Level 2

This one…I don’t know. I know a day or so later that I’ve done a workout because it works leg muscles that don’t get AS used while running (yes, I know…weird, but there are indeed some like that) because they are sore and just sitting down can be a painful experience. But while I’m doing the workout I don’t feel like it’s as much of one as Level 1 is.

I think it’s because Level 2 is more about the poses and you don’t have the sun salutations between each set so you’re not moving as much. I know I need the poses in Level 2…I just need to maybe add them into Level 1 but without necessarily doing both “levels” back to back.

IDK…I’ll have to work on that.

Training mileage: 23.7
Weight: 177.4


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