Chicago Marathon Week 2 Day 2

Today was supposed to be XT.

Note I said “supposed”.

I had the best of intentions, but my body decided that it wanted rest a little more.

I suspected it might be a possibility as I was getting in bed at around 1am. Definitely later than it should have been, even for getting off from the store at 11pm. I was about 9 minutes late clocking out, and then as I got to one subway line, I realized that it was likely not going to be running due to construction, so I went back to wait for another, which took a while. So the trip home took much longer than intended.

When the clock went off, I did sit up and ponder for a few moments, but ultimately I decided it was better to listen to my body – especially early on in the training. No point in wearing myself out too much too soon! So I reset the clock for another hour and felt much better. I’ll probably try to get some XT in on Sunday to keep the hours all straight. But we’ll see how the week goes.

As far as weight, only down 0.6 pounds this week, but that’s ok. It’s not a sprint, and a loss is a loss.

Training mileage: 19.95
Weight: 177.4


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