Chicago Marathon Week 2 Day 1

(Yes, occasionally I get a bit behind, but I catch up.)

I really didn’t know what to expect today since Sunday’s run was so fantastic. Looking back at my training logs from my WDW Marathon training, when I had a great long run, the next one was usually crappy.

Not this one!

It wasn’t quite the easy-breezy run that Sunday was, but it was still one where I felt good and strong throughout the whole run. 3.7 miles in 50 minutes – 5 minute warm-up, 4:30/1 plus 1:30 running to make the run the prescribed 40, and 5 minute cool-down.


The funny thing was I didn’t even realize they were calling for rain and it was imminent while I was running! Literally about 5 minutes after I walked into my apartment it started raining. Ah the joys of running at o-dark-thirty in the morning!

Training mileage: 19.95
Weight: 178


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