Chicago Marathon Week 1 Day 7

LSR Day! (Well, kind of…)

This was my long slow run (LSR) day. A long slow run is where you build your endurance and teach your body to burn fat rather than muscle. It’s also a time to work on your fluid intake and fueling. So you don’t really want to run it too fast. Based on my Broad Street time, my average pace should be between 13:38 and 15:13. My average pace today was 13:11. Oops. Still, it was only 5 miles, so I’m not going to get overly concerned.

I also know that today was one of those rare days where everything just works and you feel good the whole time. I wouldn’t say runs like today are rare, but they’re not overly common for me…at least not yet. I’m attributing how great today felt to a) the sunshine and amazing weather we’ve had today and b) the fact that (other than last week where I was a slug) my runs in previous weeks were 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 5 and then 10 at Broad Street. That kind of mileage made today’s run seem like a walk in the park. I’ll take runs like this whenever I can get them!

I started the day with a Chocolate Almond Clif Bar, then on the subway I had the Power Bar gel I got yesterday. I was amazed at how easily that went down. GU is pretty thick. Hammer gels aren’t as thick as GU, but they’re not totally liquidy either. Honey Stinger gels go down pretty easily as do these Power Bar gels. As I was running and marveling at how good I felt, I remembered when I got a packet or two of the Power Bar Energy Gel Chews and how much those helped, so I might try some more of the Power Bar gel flavors. It would be nice to have a mix of things that work so I can have several in my “arsenal” should one decide to not play nicely with my stomach as GU did during the Disney marathon.

I ran along the High Line for almost 2 miles…but it’s not very long, and I didn’t feel like running back and forth over and over to make the 5 miles, so after one “lap” I paused the garmin and headed down to run the rest alongside the Hudson. With the sunshine and a nice cool breeze it made for some great running weather! (Yes, I had on sunscreen. Though I have to take issue with Mission SkinCare’s claim that it’s sweatproof…stuff ran into my eyes like a mother during my run! I had to stop a couple of times and just wipe my face totally off to stop my eyes from stinging and be able to see. Note to self: Find some other sunscreen for the face!!)


I’m beginning to contemplate the idea of hosting a virtual 5K (simply because I’m still not really friends with 10Ks AND it would be happening in the summer) run/walk (for my non-running friends who might want to participate) as part of my fundraising for Team Breakthrough. I don’t have details yet, but watch this space! 🙂

Training mileage: 16.25
Weight: 178


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