Chicago Marathon Week 1 Day 5

Another run day! 🙂

6 reps of 4:30/1 run/walk reps. Technically it was supposed to be 30 minutes, and if I was doing 5/1 that would have been an easy, even 5 reps. But when the intervals don’t divide evenly, I opt to round up.

This morning started out rough. I’d had a coughing fit before I went to bed – totally random and no clue why (other than *possibly* the suggestion to cough from watching Contagion) – and was a bit wheezy when I woke up. So I puffed the inhaler before starting and seemed to be ok.

Until I started running. Got wheezy again, so out came the inhaler. I ended up walking the majority of the 3rd run interval just to let myself get my breath, and that worked so I was able to finish strong (as evidenced by my average pace being only a couple of seconds more than the last run). It was a nice, cool morning, which I relished knowing that the days are coming when even at 5am it’s warm.

So yay!

I’ll be switching up the weekend days and doing my LSR at some point on Sunday. I’m volunteering at the Brooklyn Half tomorrow early morning and have to be at the store at 1pm, so there really wouldn’t be time to get 5 miles in AND get showered AND get to the store. So. As long as I’m getting the miles in, I don’t think it’ll do too much damage to switch the days.

Training mileage: 3.89
Weight: 178


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