Well, this is…disappointing.

No one panic! Nothing to do with Chicago training or marathon!

RunDisney today released the new “anniversary” course map for the Walt Disney World Full Marathon today.

I realize I’m like the only person in the world who’s disappointed in it, but I am. Granted, I’d only run it once, but… I liked having Magic Kingdom later (like closer to Mile 10) in the race. I liked the random characters and trivia we saw on the back roads – and seeing roads and places where regular people don’t usually get to go. As much as I fussed about it, I even liked the out and back on Osceola Parkway. I liked seeing people to cheer on and be cheered on.

The new course has us going through the Magic Kingdom about 5 miles earlier. Granted, this is probably because as the marathon has grown, people were not clearing it before the park opened, and I heard of several being rerouted backstage because of all the parks, MK can least handle “road closures” while it’s open. Personally, I would have preferred them to move the start up a half hour to get us through where we normally would have been going through.

And they added running on a friggin speedway. YUCK! Not only do I not like car “racing” one bit (I’m sorry…it’s only a “sport” in the loose sense of the word for the pit crew. They’re the ones doing the moving and rushing and heavy lifting. And that’s being very loose with the term “sport” in my opinion.), those things are banked horribly and as crowded as the race course was for most of it, it’s going to be ridiculous trying to run on the kinda flattish section. BAD DECISION RunDisney. I hope you have lots of medical around for people who either trample each other or break legs or ankles trying to get around the crowd. Add to that they’ll probably turn on a stupid jumbotron and there you’ve opened up the added bonus of people getting knocked down by others so enamored with their own image running they don’t bother to pay attention to anyone else. I was definitely bumped into at Disneyland by someone who was all “OMG!! I’m on the jumbotron!!!!” squeeing as she bumped me – and didn’t bother to apologize.

AND we get to go through the whole Sports complex. See my sarcastic jump for joy. At least we do get to run on an actual running track – that’ll be cool. But that’s about the only part that will be. We get another stupid baseball stadium. Oh joy. More chance to get nasty red clay all over my legs and in my shoes. Call me unAmerican if you want, but I find baseball moronic. Running through a stadium means nothing to me. Give me regular road and Disney entertainment any day. (Should I mention ANOTHER probably jumbotron? And this at a point where people are getting tired and really starting to lose focus on what’s going on around them?)

It does look like the Mile 20 spectacular is going to go for the entire mile, but no word on what that is. Besides the stadium which is in there. Oh joy.

Don’t get me wrong…I will still run it. And I’m sure I’ll still have a good time. I know I’m in the vast minority (probably a minority of only one) that isn’t OMG SQUEE!!!!! over the changes. I had no issues with the old course. Maybe if either car “racing” or baseball meant anything to me I’d be happier about these changes. But for me it’s just distractions I don’t need for myself or those running around me – hopefully they’ll stay “around” and not become “into”.

I guess I wish RunDisney had decided to spend the money on more entertainment than this. That would be more special and “anniversary” than changing the whole course around.


8 thoughts on “Well, this is…disappointing.

  1. The first 8 miles appear to be identical to the Princess Half (at least in 2010)…my guess is they’re starting it in the same spot for all of them now? It would certainly make logistics easier if there was more that was the same in each race…although it makes it kind of a bummer not to have them different if you’re running.

    • Yeah. It looks like it’s identical to the half course (which I believe is identical to the Princess) for the first bit.

      I didn’t mention that part of what I loved about the first part of the full this year was going through World Showcase early on and getting to “pay tribute” to Grete Waitz (her statue is in Norway) as I ran by. It was a nice way to start the race off.

  2. I totally agree I ran it last year for the first time Doing the Disney Half next year. Disney also has us running alot on the parkway for the Twilight Tower of Terror 10 miler You know for the amount of money we spend the races should take part in the parks The baseball filed and speedway totally ruin it

    • I get that they have to have some things between them. I personally didn’t mind the backroads all that much and honestly just with they’d put their energy into spicing those areas up with more Disney Magic rather than changing the course.

      Ah well. I’ll run it anyway.

  3. You are doing Twilight? So am I along with my son I saw that course was so bummed I thought the race would be held in the park The Osceola Pkwy is so long and boring
    I wanted to let you that I actually met you at laat year’s NY Half in the corral You took a picture of me along with my sister and daughter I know its been a while and you probably don’t remember

    • Yep! Of course now that I’m doing Chicago, it’s turned into a supported long run with bling. LOL. Maybe since it’s *only* 10 miles they’ll be able to put more entertainment out there? That’s what I’m hoping anyway.
      I do remember you!! 🙂 How cool!!

  4. I would not say disappointing… although there are parts of the course that seem to lead to trouble, mainly congestion and narrow spaces, Disney knows how to do it right. I think this new course may be even better than the old one.

    • It’s disappointing to me (and since this is my blog… LOL). I feel like they’re trying to copy RnR and other lesser races by throwing cheap tricks like a speedway and stadium in there. And the map through the Sports Complex looks absurd – I’ve seen someone compare it to a corn maze, and that’s about right. I’d personally rather have a long straight course even if out-and-back and have had them just plus the entertainment there than add in what they have. Plus I actually LIKED Epcot in the dark and the Magic Kingdom in the light.

      I’m just glad I’m not going Goofy. The thought of having to run the exact same starting miles 2 days in a row?? YAWN. Talk about not magical.

      The bling better be amazing…that’s all I’m saying.

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