Chicago Marathon Week 1 Day 4

Ok, let’s leave the disappointment at the cheap tricks of a speedway and baseball stadium being added to the course for the Walt Disney World Marathon behind and get back to the real matter at hand right now.


Another XT day!

Since I didn’t have to work at the store tonight, I didn’t have to get up insanely early to do anything. And I had the whole day to debate what I wanted to do. Yoga Meltdown, a longer yoga workout (Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior), or my little blend of Bob Harper’s “Butt and Balance” and “Yoga Abs” (each are shorter workouts found on dvds in his Inside Out series). Any would have been good options.

Ultimately I decided to switch things up a little and do Butt & Balance and Yoga Abs. Get a good core workout in – and it works some leg muscles that don’t get as developed as you’d think while running. So far I’m feeling good…but I know I’ll feel my abs in particular in the morning. It’s worth it…at least I hope it’ll be worth it. I just have to stick with it long enough that they stop being so sore!

So far, so good! Though we’ve got a long way to go until October!

Training mileage: 3.89
Weight: 178


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