Chicago Marathon Week 1 Day 3

Wow, it was an early one this morning!! I knew I had school today and then store tonight, so I had to get my butt out of bed and run this morning.

I’m not quite to the point of sleeping in my running clothes…but I do try to lay them out in the bedroom so I see them as soon as I turn the light on. (Yes, that necessitates me actually turning the light on when the alarm goes off. LOL.)

I did get out of bed and get dressed this morning. I don’t really have a lot of time to get in anything resembling a breakfast before running on mornings like this, so I decided to try having a ginger chew, and that seemed to work well. It gives me some energy but not so much that I’m running with totally undigested food bouncing around in my stomach.

I started out the door and noticed that it was drizzling, so back inside to put the iPod in a baggie. Headed out again and realized partway down the street that I’d not put on my visor. Debated going back for a moment but ultimately decided against it. It wasn’t raining so hard I really needed it. I really only missed it in terms of keeping sweat running into my eyes and ears.

The ears thing matters because of my earphones. I’ve got these Sony over the ear/in the ear ones that I love. They stay in and I don’t have to hurt my ear trying to cram buds into them. That said, it’s getting close to time to have to replace them. I can see little nicks in the wire coating, and the right one in particular seems to want to stop working if it gets too wet with sweat. So pretty soon I’ll have to decide if I get another pair like I’ve got or something else. I know there are some that lots of people love (yur buds, snugg buds, etc.), but they’re relatively expensive and I am hesitant to spend that kind of money on something I don’t know I’ll love – or even like and want to keep using. I know yur buds was at the NYC Marathon expo this past year…maybe I’ll just get a second pair of what I’ve got to get me to November at least and go try them there (assuming they’ll be back).


But all in all it was a good run. 3.91 miles at 4:30/1. My average pace was like 13:41, which actually is right in line with what my “easy run” training pace should be. Hooray! I’ve been hitting it and not even realizing it!

Training mileage: 7.8 miles
Weight: 178


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