Chicago Week 1 Day 1

I’ll just lead with this:

And yep! Training started today!!

Yes, it’s a little early. But I like that it’s longer than most plans. It gives me a couple of weeks of wiggle room in case I get sick or have to take a few days off for whatever reason.

Since I’m running with Team Breakthrough (I’ll repost the link to my personal page soon – but comment if you want it to make a donation before then), I get training through Chicago Endurance Sports free! Now, yes…ideally if I lived in or close to Chicago, I’d be doing it in person. But since I don’t, I get virtual training!

My coach Ally already seems cool! I did today’s run at the assigned 5/1 run/walk ratio and did ok, but wondered if I should jump so quickly to that from my current 4/1. So I emailed Ally and she said to try 4:30/1 for a while until I felt comfortable with 5/1. As she said, it’s a long time until October and slow and steady will get me there!

Tomorrow’s XT. I think for now I’m going to focus on yoga. As training progresses I’ll add in my “Bob’s Butt and Balance AND Yoga Abs”…but for now yoga will suffice as I build core strength automatically with that.

Whee!!! I’m excited!!

Training mile total: 3.89


2 thoughts on “Chicago Week 1 Day 1

  1. Hey partner! I like your ‘early start’ motivation! My training starts after my Half on June 10th. I am really excited!

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