The week between plans…

It’s always an interesting time. As much as I don’t want to get myself into a constant race cycle, I do find that I do better and am more consistent with my running when I’m training for something and have a plan to follow. When I’m not on a plan, I’m too haphazard with things. I need to work on being more self-motivated to do that…I guess I’ll see how that goes starting about mid-January 2013. LOL.

I got my Chicago Endurance Sports (CES) virtual plan this week. I’m on the Green level, which is what I expected being a run/walker. It looks intense, but doable. It starts Monday! I’m not sure if I’ll basically take it and just work backwards from WDW for the time between Chicago and Disney or if I’ll use the Higdon hybrid I’d been planning (and that worked so well for Broad Street…even with some missed runs in there). I think I may just hold off on that decision until I see how I feel with this Chicago schedule – how my body responds and such.

I’ve done yoga (Yoga Meltdown Level 1) twice this week and I did a short, slow (very slow) run on Wednesday. I think the pace was a combination of having had a biggish meal a couple of hours before and probably still being wiped from the weekend. I’d thought about running between school and store today as I don’t go into the store until 8pm, but I decided to just chill this afternoon.

Mainly, I’m tired as I had my observation today so I was up early getting the finishing touches put on. And I work until 1am, then my plan is to be up and get a good spectating spot for the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K race tomorrow. There are elite males running (and prize money, so they are really going for it), and it’s so inspiring to see them all! And this year all three of the Men’s US Marathon Team members are running. Yes, I plan to have camera in hand. So I’m cool with not running today. It’ll all be fine. If I happen to wake up early enough, I’ll try to get something done before heading up (doubtful since I’m planning to leave around 6am) or more likely go on Sunday morning.

I know I don’t usually talk about teaching on here. That’s what my non-running blog is for. But I’m going to bring it into this blog a little with this entry. For a very important reason. Remember a little while ago when I talked about how I had kept hearing how the marathon finish line would change my life and because I didn’t have this lightning bolt moment that it had been built up in my head to be I was trying to figure out what was different with me and why it wasn’t this earth-shattering thing? Some of my friends, Amy and Kat in particular, both helped me feel better saying that they didn’t really have the lightning bolt moment either but things became more clear to them as time went on. And today I learned that.

Observations/evaluations ALWAYS make me nervous. There are some personal reasons involved that I won’t go into (yeah…I should probably be a typical New Yorker and go into therapy), but it’s always a tense time for me. Especially when my assistant principal wants to discuss how the lesson went before telling me the big answer – Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. I have trouble focusing on what she’s saying until I know the magic letter. (Mine has learned that about me and started our post-conference out with “It was a Satisfactory lesson” before we discussed the lesson in more detail.) So I’m usually a nervous wreck even getting the lesson together.

Well, a funny thing happened this year. I knew that the observation was coming up and I started planning, but I wasn’t really freaking out. Even as I was getting home last night and deciding if I wanted to stay up and do the finishing touches or get up early to do the finishing touches (my ultimate decision), there wasn’t quite the usual anxiety I’ve felt in the past. And at first I couldn’t figure out quite why that was. It’s not like the standards have relaxed any – if anything they’re tougher than ever.

And then when I was getting my stuff together, I found my RoadID “dogtag” and the quote on the front of it: There will be days when I don’t know if I can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing I have. And it hit me.

The confidence for this observation came from knowing I accomplished what I set out to when I crossed that finish line at Disney World on January 8, 2012. I had a rough time in it, yes. But I did it. Kathrine Switzer said it best at the end of Spirit of the Marathon: “You triumphed over the adversity. That’s what the marathon is all about. And therefore you know there isn’t anything in life that you can’t triumph over after that.”

I think today was my lightning bolt.


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