Broad Street Race Week

Finally got all the emails I was supposed to. Hooray!

I’m in the Pink (read: LAST) corral. Bib number 35199. For those who are facebook friends or who follow me on twitter, updates will be posted there. I’l obviously do a race report Sunday evening, but if you want to track me, go to the race site and click on runner tracking. I’m Elizabeth Strickland. 🙂

I’m still excited about the race and cautiously optimistic that the apparent disorganization is solely a behind the scenes kind of thing. Of course, I’m also learning from friends’ experiences at races that were disorganized and chaotic (yes, I’m referring to RnR Vegas again) and carrying my own water and stuff. Better to be prepared and learn that I don’t need it than not have it and do.

I just made my list of what all I need to have in my bag for my bus ride in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I don’t want to forget anything. And as I don’t plan to travel in my race stuff I need to make sure it’s all there. I’m still deciding on my outfit. I’m about 95% sure I’m going to wear my pink flowered skirt and my brand new Team Breakthrough tech shirt…but that could change. Also deciding if I want to run in my Ravennas or my Defyance. I’ve done long runs in both during training and am ok with either. So as long as one complete pair makes it into the bag, I’ll be good.

The only little glitch so far is I can’t seem to find my phiten necklace ANYWHERE! I’ve turned the apartment upside down and cannot locate it. My only guess at this point is I wore it to Disney one day and put it in my locker outside of a bag and just forgot it. I doubt it would have been turned in, so unless it shows before Friday, I’ll be hitting Paragon for a new one. It may just be psychological, but I DO feel more energetic when I’m wearing it. And for a 10 mile race, I need all the energy I can get!

I’m going to get in bed here in a moment and try to get some sleep. I’ll see what I feel like in the morning and if I’m feeling ok, I’ll go do 2 or 3 miles just to shake out the legs. Don’t want to do anything to damage myself, but a shakeout run shouldn’t hurt.

Race day is almost here! EEE!!!


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