Broad Street Week 10…and Race Week Starts

Ok, so I did get a couple of training runs in last week…I just didn’t have time to blog them. Thursday morning I got 3.46 miles in and then Saturday I did 5.71. I just sort of went out Saturday with my garmin set for intervals that would give me 10-12 miles, but I promised myself I’d listen to my body, and that’s what I did. Right around 5 miles, my piriformis started hurting again. Now…should it do that Sunday in spite of all my stretching, I will push through. But on a training run I didn’t want to damage myself. So…as of week 10 the mileage is…

BSR training mileage: 133.07

And now we’re at race week.

And I’m sad to say that I’m getting less excited about it and more worried that this is going to turn into a giant cluster a la the RnR debacle at Las Vegas. The apparent disorganization is really terrifying.

First, we were initially told we would get our bib numbers and corral assignments and instructions mid-April. Then it moved to April 26. Then to April 30. And earlier today it was “by the end of the day”. Ok, granted it’s not quite midnight yet, but I seriously doubt anyone is in the office frantically sending out emails. I went to the actual website to see if there was any new information. The only thing there is that the deferral period has been extended yet again to May 2.

Yes, our bib numbers are on the confirmation page. But nothing about corral assignments or any kind of final race instructions.

And that’s not all. Last week I got an email that was sent to a lot of us who signed up for day-of pick-up. It stated that there had been some kind of error with the spreadsheet and we wouldn’t be getting the letters in the mail. Yet somehow we would be getting our card to indicate that we were running for free transit on the Broad Street Line? That actually did come today for whatever it’s worth. And on their facebook page, someone posted that they got an envelope and day-of information for someone else who’s not them.

I’m really sad at all this disorganization. I’ve previously heard nothing but good things about the race. I don’t know if they decided to massively expand the numbers allowed in this year or what’s going on. But it hardly seems like a race would have gotten this big and this popular if it’s always this disorganized.

I guess the best I can say right now is I’m hoping for the best – that I’ll be pleasantly surprised at how things go. But I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the worst.



One thought on “Broad Street Week 10…and Race Week Starts

  1. Just stumbled across the blog. Don’t worry about the Broad Street Run — there will be LOTS of people there — but it usually runs pretty smoothly. And chances are you won’t need a bib or card to ride the subway for free. If you get on at Broad & Pattison Station (AT&T Station) with everybody else, they don’t check. They open up the turnstiles and everybody goes in unchecked.

    Good luck.

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