A decision made!

I haven’t said a lot about this before, but for the past few weeks I’ve been mulling over doing something.

I had originally said I’d save up any charity running for Boston. But the more I’ve looked into it, those teams are hard to get on and the money required is a lot.

My friend Rick and I had talked last summer about running Chicago together in 2013, and I was set for that. Then he decided to run it this year. I wasn’t sure about doing it this year, and I missed the window for signing up.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the American Brain Tumor Association about the chance to run Chicago for them. And the wheels started turning.

You see, brain tumors are a cause close to my heart. The summer I turned 5, my best friend Philip and I took swimming lessons together. The day we were learning about jumping off the diving board, Philip got sick. Like, really sick. His mom dropped me off at home (we carpooled, and it was her week to drive) and took him to the doctor. They were almost immediately sent to the hospital where Philip was diagnosed with a brain tumor and admitted. In the short course of treatment, a blood clot developed and he suffered an aneurysm and died. Even though I was only 5, losing him completely rocked my world ad in a lot of ways shaped how I relate to people when I first meet them now – if can take me a while to warm-up in friendships, and I’m sure a lot of that is due to losing my best friend so early in life. At any rate, because of Philip, brain tumors are a cause close to my heart, and I pray that one day there will be a cure and no one else will have to live with or die from them.

And now I’ve got the chance to help make a difference!

Today, I made the commitment to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for Team Breakthrough.

I’m excited and a little scared – I’ll have the Tower of Terror 10 miler just a week before. Eek!

If you want to support me, my fundraising page is here. I’d really appreciate anything you can give. No amount is too small.

And hey…you’ll get all kinds of training updates here too! 🙂 Just a little bonus!

At any rate…it’s something I feel strongly about and am excited and proud to do. Thanks for your support, however you provide it!


5 thoughts on “A decision made!

  1. Running the Chicago Marathon with you, for a cause that has such meaning for you, makes me so happy! And it will make my first ‘full’ that much more special. I am so very excited!

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