Broad Street Week 9 Run 1 (and Stoopid Piriformis!!)

It was a pretty slug-like week here in Beth-land. I started out doing as much resting as possible with some stretching thrown in there since it seemed my piriformis was acting up after the 10K.

I meant to get up and run on Thursday morning, but ended up waking up overly late and having to dash around to get ready for work. So before going to sleep Friday, I laid out all my stuff so I was 100% ready to go.

Thankfully I got up, talked myself into it, and did the run! I decided to try 3:30/1 run/walk intervals, and it went well! Maintained pace pretty well throughout and had an average pace of 12:42. Everything felt ok. I got back to my apartment and stretched out really well…but by the time I’d gotten to school, Mr. Piriformis was all ouchie again.


One advantage of teaching in a special ed school is you’ve got OTs and PTs in-house. I talked with the PT about if there were any other stretches I could do beyond what I was doing, and he said that I’m already doing the only ones that really do anything. He did give me this half-ball thing that’s a litte squishy but has nubs on it to sit on when I’m sitting. I’m also doing a heating pad off and on at home, and ibuprofin to calm the inflammation.

AND foregoing this weekend’s planned 11-miler.

Super BOO!

I was fretting about it on ROTE yesterday, but they all said I was definitely doing the right thing. It’s far better to be (maybe) slightly undertrained (the maybe is in parentheses because I’ve already done a 10-miler and I’ve got next weekend to do another long run…one advantage of using a Half Marathon training plan for a 10 mile race) but healthy (or healthier) than to go out and push it and probably injure myself worse, thus having to possibly/probably DNS.

So today it’s all about sitting as much as I can, doing some stretching out, and bonding with the heating pad.

And hopefully I can run some next week.

BSR training mileage: 123.9


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